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Does anyone else get blurred vision?


Firstly, please excuse typos. I'm writing this "blind" as fibro has gone for my eyes again! Sometimes I suffer from facial paralysis - a general tightness in the cheeks, jaw and around the mouth. This is usually accompanied, as it is today, by my eyes defocussing. I have blown the screen up to 175%, which is all well and good, but I can't actually see the keys on my keyboard! I do a lot of work on screen and today is looking to be a write off. I do carry a credit card sized magnifier in my wallet, but this isn;t really practical for typing.

The other fellow traveller when I'm in "fibro head" is fogginess and forgetfulness.

Ironically, I was at an ATOS interview this morning, accompanying my wife, who has MS, and needs to be allowed to install dictation software on her work computer. Yes they're THAT officious! Incidentally, ATOS in Cardiff is totally inaccessible to people without their own transport, and has no allocated disabled parking.

So the question is: does anyone else suffer with this blurred vision? What to they do to counter it? Are there any "work arounds" for using a computer etc?

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yes, from time to time. And my eyesight fluctuates as well. Some days I need glasses, next day I don't.




Yes, I get temporary blurriness too. Usually lasts a couple of hours then fixes itself gradually so I don't notice until I'm looking at something and don't have to "work out" what it's saying. I have progressive astigmatism, I always just assumed it was something to do with that! When the blur is there it almost feels like I have a piece of gauze over my eyes. Sometimes just one eye is affected, and I end up going around with one eye closed. I usually read with one eye closed too. The closed eye alternates, and I've had in depth eye checks and nothing untoward has been found. I also get flashes in the corner of my eyes, both bright lights and dark shadows. Like, I think someone or something is there but when I turn my head there's nothing there.


I have Fybro amongst other conditions but I too get blurred vision,especially first thing in the morning.It does lear eventually but is very distressing.

Blurred vision and eye pain were my first symptoms, I was labelled a nutter of course because my eyes were normal - one doctor even said "do you want me to make up a diagnosis? There is nothing wrong with your eyes". Ughhhhhhh....

I later found that blurred vision is related to myofascial pain syndrome, one of fibro's nasty friends. It causes muscles to knot up and go into spasm, and it can affect the eyes. See the book by Chris Jenner Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain, you might be able to get it from the library, it is in the Somerset libraries.

Hi lovelydai

I'm afraid blurred vision is normal for me too, I know it's when my symptoms are about to get worse:(

I'm a sign painter so it's very inconvenient! I produce less when eyes are affected as obviously I have to take more time/ care.

Sorry I can't offer a solution bless you , it's a symptom that although painless & therefore not always mentioned is debilitating when you need to be able to see clearly for work :)

Take care & keep persevering!

Signlady :)

My eyesight has got gradually worse in the last year. I've had to wear specs for 7 years now, just for reading, but this last time's eye test I've had to have distance specs as well. I had vertigo a few months back - ooh, wouldn't wish it on anyone!! Horrific!! My optician told me my eyes are misaligned and that could have been the cause of my vertigo!! Don't really care what the cause was; I never, ever want to feel the way I did again!! XX

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have you been tested for ms? the eye misalignment is a classic sign.

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My wife has MS and has the misalignment of the eyes. This doesn't seem similar. I also have dyspraxia, which causes me to fall and drop things. Two of is with MS would be too much!

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Sorry for the confusion Lovelydai, I had tried to reply to sue32 with my comment about the eye misalignment. Not sure what went wrong there. :/

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It's OK ukwahine....I got your reply hun! No, I haven't been tested for MS, the thought never crossed my mind!! What are the other symptoms I should look out for?? XX

yes with the eyes changes all the time , try a screen cover to take glare away from the computer , turn down the brightness on the screen , try and use it with natural light not light bulbs might be worth changing your light bulb for a led one i no they are dear but you get a much better light, give it a go let us know how you get on good luck and gentle hugs your fibro friend

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