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does anyone else have elephant feet

for the last 9-10 days my feet have been so swollen I can barely walk on them without pain the left one more so than the right I have no definition of an ankle left whatsoever and they look like elephants feet, is this normal or common for fibro, my diverticulitis is also playing up giving me hell to the left side pain deep in the lower left abdo above hip, is there anything other than raising my feet that I can do to lessen the swelling, I am taking naproxen but this has yet to have any affect on swollen areas

all the best to everyone

fieryfairy :-)

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I have pigs trotters.

the right more than the left, no cause found and can`t take duretics.

I think though because it`s new to you, a trip to the doc may be a good idea. Hugs sue


thanks for your reply sue I have an apt with doctor on Tuesday cannot see her before as she is the only on in the surgery and it usually takes 2 weeks to get an apt to see her.

all the best



Mine started doing that a few years ago. I have since found that 2 things seem to cause it more than others-

1. Sitting down too much. I have to stay on my feet. I think it is something to do with the muscles helping to pump the fluid back up.

2. Stress- I was really stressed at the time. Since giving up work, being less sedentary during the day at a desk and being less stressed, things have improved. If you aren't able to keep active on your feet, some leg exercises may help.

Hope you find something to help soon.


hi Hollytree

I am usually on the go all the time but have recently been sitting quite a bit completing my open university course but no more than usual, as I have been studying with them for years now. they do seem to be worse if I am on them for any length of time and when I walk the dog I suffer for it later at night. thanks for your reply


Morning FF. I was curious about what you have written, and am constantly amazed at the variety of symptoms from other Fibromites

I was diagnosed nearly 14 yrs ago. I can't say that my feet and ankles swell up, but my goodness they feel as if they are.

I always find this if I have been standing on the same spot for anything more than 5 mins, and also if I've been on my feet most of the day.

My feet start to throb and ache even my toes, and my feet feel as if they are a few sizes bigger.

This is besides pains all down my legs and hips, Glutes and groin area.

Sometimes I think we can't attribute flare-ups to any event, it just is what it is, the nature of the beast.

I hope that you can find some relief FF. :).

Love 1.


Hi fieryfairy

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. My wife gets this and her GP says hers is caused by circulation problems.

I always think if you get anything like this it is advisable to discuss the problem with your GP just to rule anything else out and to keep them up to date with how you are getting on?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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My feet are also swollen and you need to find out why as can be many reasons. Going through tests now myself. only footwear I have are boots and flip flops!


It could be Edema (fluid retention) as my mother has this, and it sounds very similar. She finds it is made worse by warm/humid weather. Definitely go see your GP, specially as it is a new symptom for you. Good luck & take care xxxxxx

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Hi I have suffered from this for the last 12 years the powers that be eventually decided it was Lymphodema and consequently I have to wear thick compression leggings called arrow wraps the halt the in flation and do bring your feet back to normal who made the prognosis the Vascual surgeon. Hope this helps try and elevate our legs when you are siting and keep them well moistureised like every daay with P45 , good luck xgins


Yes, I too am having the same problem. It seemed to kick off when the weather became warm. I'm seeing the GP tomorrow so I will bring this up. Living in flip flops and wellies is no fun.


After a night at the hospital with hubby I have joined the jumbo feet clan. Found a lovely pair of sandals at Aldi all straps are adjustable. The first new footwear in 3yrs that fit and look good (just dont look at the feet) sue :)


I,too, have had the feeling of walking on pumpkins. It's a horrible feeling. I had my heart and vascular system checked.

Everything came back OK. I believe stress can cause it as well as diet and weather factors.

When they blow up, I try to keep my legs elevated as much as possible. I know it's a horrible feeling, and I truly hope you feel better soon.



Hi fiery fairy,my god can't beleave someone else has elephant feet when you say that to someone,don't even try to understand,so as usual we stays silent,who cares ???


Hi everyone and thank you for your responses

I am surprised to find so many people with the same health problems, I am still to get a firm diagnosis but am seeing my doctor on Tuesday I bet my feet have gone down by then but I took photos for her this time so she can see just how swollen and bloated they get. thank you again to all who answered I hope that you all find some relief soon



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