sleep ???

Hi everyone.

My lovely husband decided that all i needed to get a good nights sleep was a new bed.

So now am the proud owner of a all singing all dancing tempur electrical bed. Yes i can sit up lie down have my feet up, and it si very comfortable, along with my new tempur pillow.

So last night i realised that i go to bed drop of to sleep, after a few jump starts when i feel that i jump out of my skin as i drop off.

I have realised that i am sleeping but feel that i am aware of my surroundings waiting to go into a deep sleep but it never happens, so my body has lovely long periods of being pain free but sleep ? that eludes me.

A rheumatologist advised fluoxitine, then a mental health nurse says citalopram, neither one works. but i count my blessings, a supportive husband a lovely family, and i am able to work as i have supportive employer. but oh for a good nights sleep

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  • what a lovely hubby :) ,its funny i jump aswell ,like your jumping out of skin ,and i too am aware of my sorrounding ,but still dreaming ,weird eh lol ,

    i thought you couldnt dream unless you are in a deep sleep ? i give up lol

    hope you get a lovely restful nights sleep soon ,hugs x

  • I really find it weird how e get used to not having a good nights sleep. I think sometimes that lunchtime I could quite easily go to bed and sleep but work gets in the way lol hugs x

  • yes i could quite happily go to bed ,during the day lol ,but my 2 yr old dosnt agree lol xx

  • OOH that is a lovely act of love and care!

    I too cant sleep and experiance the dreaming but not actually deep sleeping. I like to think its our minds way of trying to recharch the body even though we cant sleep as we should, I have tried a number of meds to aid sleep and they either stop me waking in the morning or not strong enough to work.

    hugs poppy xx

  • The jumping sensation we all experience is called "nurses fatigue" - where we are so tired we literally jump or startle ourselves trying to fall asleep - but our brains are stil in over drive. Though for nurses it's as they fall asleep at their station - usually night-time - and as they nod off they jump awake - I think due to their sub-conscious kicking in to let them know they are meant to stay awake - And you'll be happy to know - normal people can get it too! :-D

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol xxx

  • Well that explains a lot thankyou. I am a nurse and used to do nights, had to leave because of the pain. Thankfully I work in a gp centre were at the moment. I am being supported. But for how long who knows hugs angie x

  • Bless you Webby,

    That is a wonderful Blog, comfort is so important and hopefully s..l..e..e...p will follow eventually

    Soft Hugs, Sue


  • oh webby, your blog has made me smile too. my hubby got me a new bed but not the top of the pops one you have. i would love it too. enjoy it and remember to thank that god sent husband. <3 :)

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