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I have a date for my DLA tribunal

Hi Everyone. well i have the date for my tribunal, its on the 13th June. I have tried to get in touch with the benefits officer, but have had no reply. looks like there is only 1 and he is off ill. I'm going to take my son and daughter as they are my carers, also my doctor has agreed to writing a more indepth report into my problems, so i'm hoping that will help.

I have been sending things to the courts telling them that the report from the Atos doctor where incorrect, as all he has done is concertrate on 1 illness. he mentions FMS, but he does not mention the pain you get, or anything else connected to it. He even put down that i live in a ground floor flat, when i live in a town house, but apparently he is a professional and has put down what his findings were on the day. so my memory must be getting worse as i don;t remember seeing him in a ground floor flat. he has also reported that my kids carry washing down to the utility room, which must be hard in a ground floor flat. but he is the professional.

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haha that gave me a laugh - then I realised that this is serious!


oh dear they do tend to just skim over stuff and not look at things properly they dont know you but they should take the time to get to know you by reding and re reading all your notes and making their minds up then r

good luck with your appeal hope it goes well x love diddle x


Hi Diddle

I wish they would reed thing properly as well, it would save a lot of paper work and the courts time. This is the second time i have had to go to tribunal because they do not read things that are sent to them.


Hi Secretldy, I've fought the benefit system and I have had a thought.... Could you have a signed letter/document stating the type of home you live in, when you moved in and and even an independant whitness to confirm you have only lived where you are and not a flat perhaps Your OT or similar support

Any way good luck with your appeal and I will send yu positive thoughts on the 13th - its my sons birthday on the 13th so I will remember -

Hugs, poppy xx


Hi Poppy they do now know i'm in a town house, that was in the first letter i sent them. they have corrected that part, but they have not corrected the part abut the Atos doctor seeing the difficulty i have climbing stairs. I don't have an OT. did have for a while when i was first diagnosed with ME, but they have discharged me to my doctor. basically i feel like they have said this is what you have get on with it.


It's disgusting the way they make assumptions and hope you won't notice.

My assessor implied I had grown two extra arms.

She wrote that I "carried a bag in each hand."

I had a stick in each hand!

I had a bag with the strap slung over my body.

My HUSBAND carried the other bag.

Best of luck on the day - and I hope you have a good advisor to help you through this.


i don't have a advisor. been in touch with the welfare and benefits officer but not heard a thing. looks like it will be me and my children.


Yes good luck from me too. They said I carried a bag with both hands, which is a lie coz my left shoulder is calcifying and gets very painful, so I NEVER carry a bag on it. How long is it going to be before these so-called "professionals" or "decision makers" realise that their assessors are lying and making up stuff.Surely SOMEONE will have the decency to say "hang on a minute, claiments are complaining by the truck load that things arent being correctly recorded". ?????????????


It's totally outrageous - and they think we're all too stupid to notice.

But I wonder how many of these ridiculous reports have gone unnoticed.


i don't think they really listen to what people say, i think they write what they think is happening, pain cannot be seen, so how can they judge it?


thank you to all of you, i think i will need the good luck. still not heard from the welfare and benefits officer and don't know who else will help.


Sorry to be thick, but I'm not sure who you mean by "Welfare and Benefits Officer"

It's not too late to get help from the CAB or Welfare Rights etc.

Fingers crossed for you - ouch :)


i'm in a housing ass house, and they have someone that helps people with welfare and benefits. so that if you do have a tribunal or need help just claiming, then normally they will make an appointment and come out and help you. or if your able you can go visit them.

I have never heard of welfare rights, so i might have to look them up


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