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Any advice for DLA renewal!

I have had the sea and pip help sheets emailed to me, but it is DLA that I have been sent as a renewal form.

I have pretty much filled it in with the help of my friend daughter and husband.

I must get a prezzie for my friend as she has been an absolute star!

Now I have the worry if what I have wrote down is what they want to hear!

It has been really hard filling in the form and quite depressing, I know it sounds horrid and probably really wrong, but I have had a right laugh with my friend filling in the forms, if I don't laugh it will be a downward spiral into never ending tears! :'(

I think I have put everything I need, I have the blank page at the end to put some notes in, should I write that I have had to get a friend to fill out the form?

I asked my daughter for help, she did as much as she had time to, and what she wrote was stuff that is just everyday normal stuff to me, but as she pointed out, its just how I have adapted to everyday living!

Also I try to go to the gym..... i have already put this in, as I was going to include the ESA medical report, and it mentions it in there.

Terri xx

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Hi, I got my renewal sent out about 3 or 4 weeks ago and all I have written on it is the basic stuff like name & address of my GP. My claim is up I'm May though so I do have the time to fill it in but I just can't bring myself to start it. I would put as much information on the form as you can, even if means repeating what you are saying over & over again. I wish you good luck, Mags x


Good luck with yours... Start now!!!! Mine runs out 17th of this month and I have just kept putting it off.... Now I'm panicked as I've know for ages that I need to fill them in!


Cheers tovi & good luck to you too x


HI, My DLA ran out in May so I had to fill in the renewal forms. I used my previous claim form as a guide as nothing much as changed.Because I don't go to the doctors very often because there is nothing more that they can do for me I sent copies of the letters from my previous claim.Within three weeks I had a letter back saying that I was awarded the same amount as before; High rate for both mobility and care.It is only awarded for two years.Just put how it feels on your worse days.I hope all goes well for you. x


That's great dennydee, I'm going to get the forms out over the weekend and get stuck in. Thanks a million x


I have received my DLA renewal too which isnt due until June and I just cant face it as I have only just sent my ESA claim in and that took me 4 weeks doing a little bit each day I could with the help of my son. I just feel when I send DLA back they will ask me then to do a PIP form as I received a letter explaining what PIP is yesterday (they didnt send a PIP form). I joined the Benefits and work site and their pointers have helped a bit but I get confused so easily with this damn brain fog which is why I lost my job last month. I think I will just do a little when I can as I have plenty of time. Good luck to all. Joolz.x



Is there a advice centre (near you ) who can help with the foms


Hi dillm2 that's a great idea thanks x


I just wanted to wish you all the very best with your application.

Good luck



I would definately tell them thst your friend had to fill in the form on your behalf and explain why, i had the cab fill mine in for me, i could not possibly have held a pen or written thst amount of information required. The point of the form is to explain how you deal with day to day living and all its difficulties. Good luck


if you put in gym, put it in the context of "I am trying all I can to help myself but..." otherwise they 'see' you pumping iron when reading it and say "she is well enough..." -?

If they don't ask I would not add that a friend filled in the form, only perhaps "with assistance because of persistent xyz..."

Best of luck with the renewal


Yes- you must tell them you needed assistance with the form. Tell them how long it took and the stress of having to fill it in. Good luck.


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