I had a call yesterday afternnon from the man from D.I.A.L hiwas due to go and see him to help me fill in my DLA form on the 21 st May but he has had to cancel and bring my appointment forward to 17th May and he is coming to the house now so thats good and seeing GP on 9th to have a chat about it all

I dont think i will get it at all but going to try

love to you all diddle x

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  • hi diddle i put in for dla bout 3weeks ago but not heard a thing got my local cab to fill it out so i surpose no news is good news just waiting now for the out come good luck on yours xx hayley

  • good luckxxxx

  • Good Luck xx

    I put mine in a couple of weeks ago, although not holding out much hope, but I have had a letter to say they've received it & it is being looked at, so who knows.


  • good luck diddles hope iy goes well

  • good can happen xxx

  • Good luck diddle - excuse my ignorance, but what is dla?????

  • Ahhh is it disability living allowance?????

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