Emergency appointment

Hi all been suffering from my worst flare for a.while. But was sure something else was going.on.

Pain in my chest was unbearable and h to sit upright for last 3 dys as couldnt lay down. Finally gave in and caled docs and hd a free space with another dr. Well she was lovely told me i hve major chest infection and not enough oxygen getting round my blood. Then asked me if i hd any other condiions so i told her and i was waiting for.the usual response. But she said i thought so and how nasty a condition it is! As it affects your whole life and lowers your immunity! U could have struck me dwn with he reply! Now.have horse size penicilan pills but wants me to com bk in a wk as it may not b gown, as with our condition we tk longer to gt over things. This dr needs a medal lol.

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  • oh how lovely :)

    it really lifts your spirits when you get a lovely good gp dosnt it :)

    so pleased for you xxxx

  • Hi lynz

    yes it does. We need to clone her! :-)

  • haha lol definalty :)

  • Aw, sorry to hear you are not well Cherie but so pleased to hear your doctor was good. I have never had so many infections etc. as I have had this past few years, am sick of taking antibiotics now.

    My GP is very good, there are some good ones out there!. Take care and I hope you get well soon. Love Angela xx

  • you have a lovely Dr! and so pleased that you wen tto the doctors. I think sometimes with everything that goes on we feel we are a pain turning up with another ailment, but it is because of the problems we suffer. Glad ou have been sorted out and hope you feel better soon! xx

  • hi a good gp is hard to come by especially with this i do hope you feel better soon loe diddle x

  • Does this GP offer training to other GPs? She should because her level of knowledge and understanding about FM is very rare indeed! Well done for pushing for an appt with GP - I know it's not easy. Hope everything clears up for you soon. Be well, Christine x

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