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orthopedic appointment

well i went to orpedic (bad spelling lol ) and he diagnosed burstitus in my hip and gave me 4 cortsone injections anyone else had burstitus?.at the moment i still have pain and he has recommended i take it easy for a week. I hope this solves problem as i have read info that suggests it may not and could even make it worse he is also referring me to physio but the last time i missed an appointment due to crashing my car and when i was well enough to contact them they had discharged me and when GP referred me last time they didnt even get in touch so hope they will this time.

well just thought i would update everyone fingers and everything else crosssed this works then its one less pain to worry about xx gentle hugs for everyone xxx

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Cortisone injections are usually brilliantly effective altho' they sometimes cause initial discomfort. I do hope yours works really well!

Moffy x


i have been having them in my knees for a couple of years and they have always worked so fingers crossed this will xxx


hi Honey

i have had exactly the same and yes they worked brilliantly for me , Not instantly as not miracle workers but i noticed a difference the day after, I was told to not walk for 48 hours but i think it was because of my birth defect, Resting for a few days will give the injections the best chance to work th their best ability

so glad they were able to offer some help x


Hello Honey

I had many cortisone injections offer the course of three years before a shoulder replacement. At first, they were somewhat painful when being administered, but the results for quite a long time were really good, though it must be said you have to take it pretty easy for about three days post the injection, As my arthritis progressed the cortisone worked less and less well, until it got to the point where I was bone in bone and nothing except the replacement was an option. One of my neighbours has recently had cortisone injections for exactly the same as you, bursitis in her hip and has found the injections very worthwhile. Sending you gentle hugs and hoping you get the treatment you deserve and that it's effective for you. F....iest xx


Hello. i too have bursitis but in both hips. worse on my left side. hd numerous injection. physio. hydro and finally lithotrypsy which is sort of a treatment that is supposed to disperse the bursar! it is used to break down gall stones app. all failed and cant hve anymore jabs as u r limited due to the damage it can cause to the bones. my left leg is perm numb with pins and needles and measures 2inches bigger than the right. it cant be drained as fluid too thick! final option is surgery to remove but nt successful as it can grow bk. so waiting to c rhemu again. hopefully it will wrk for u. gd luck x


Hi.Yep I have hip bursitis too - worse on the right hand side. Had my third cortisone injection in it a coupleof weeks ago. Can be very painful to start with afterv injection, but always found it eases and helps for a while. I've been told not to do too much walking (what a joke as can't walk far anyway) and doing any repetitive movements with the hips - eg walking up stairs.

Hope it soon eases for you - oh and heat pads or sometimes ice packs on it can help if really bad.

Take good care.

Nikki xx


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