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Morning all I thought I would give our riddlers a few more challenges ! Don't forget it is free to enter - just for fun the best answers not necessarily right ones will be awarded the privilege of posting !

Right here we go

!. What goes all around a pasture but never moves?

2.What does every winner loose in a race?

3.What stays in the corner but travel all around the world?

4. what question can you never answer Yes to?

5. How does a boat show its affection?

6,What do you draw without a pencil or paper?

7. How long should a person's legs be?

8. What do you call someone who doesn't have all their fingers on one hand?

9 .What has four fingers and a thumb but is not a hand?

10 How do you get four suits for a couple of pounds?

11. What has 100 legs but can't walk?

12. When is a chair like a woman's dress?

13. Who is ....scared of wolves and.....swears?

14. What is the difference between an Oak tree and a tight Shoe. ?

15. What is the center of gravity?

16. What is the hottest letter of the alphabet ?

17.. Why did the traffic light turn red ?

18. What starts with an E and ends with an E and only has one letter in it?

19. Can you spell mouse trap with three letters?

20. When Adam introduced himself to EVE what three words did he use that

read the same backward and forward ?

Just for a giggle "There once was a vampire named Bec

Who through up her hands and said Hec

Then she started to bawl

"I have no friends at all,

Because I'm a pain in the neck!"

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4) Are you asleep?


Yes I am :) xgin


morning Gins, very funny made me laugh, hugs, xxx


My daughter and I just had a go at these, we haven't got a brain cell between us, she's blonde, don't know what my excuse is! xx


Have another go later and they will seem easier I think LOL hope you both enjoy them xgins


1 fence

2 His competitors

3 Dust ?

4 your name


6 Blood, Water or a gun

7 As long as from your hips to the floor. They`d be no good with a gap in them

8 normal

9 Aglove

10 buy a pack of card




14 A corn / Acorns

15 v


17 Because the car saw it changing



20Madam im adam


Just a thought.... It would be easy to draw blood if you use a gun. :D


18) EnvelopE

19) Cat


clever :P


Cat, of course!!! :)


1. A fence

2. His or her breath

3. A stamp

4. Are you dead?

5. It hugs the shore

6. Breath

7. Long enough to reach the ground

8. Their name

9. A glove

10. Buy a pack of cards

11. A very long table

12. /

13. /

14. The oak makes acorns (ache corns) and the tight shoe makes corns ache

15. The letter V

16. T as in a cup of :-)

17. It had to change in front of lots of people

18. E it has to be ??

19. CAT

20. Madam I'm Adam

Foggy x


I like no 11


6 pension

13 me


Iv`e never heard a badger swear. :P

Whats a badgers favorite swear word :O


Hehehe. That's an excellent one Sue. Shall we make it a competition? I have no idea at the moment, just give me time :)




Have you any thoughts, Sue?

I suppose "ferrets!" sounds good. xx


The problem we have here my friend is that swear words are either rude references to bodily functions, or irreverence to religion.

Badgers do not get upset by their bodily functions and I very much doubt if they have a religion.

So I have come to the conclusion that there is no way for them to swear even if they wanted to.

Your thoughts?. sue


Very well put Sue. Strangely I have a reputation in real life for not swearing. My Granddad used to say Jam and Butter - easy to work out what it sounds like, and that's a perverted act. Jeepers is Jesus, Golly and Gosh are both God. For me the intent is the same so the euphemism is as bad as the original. So in a nutshell, I'm in complete agreement, they don't. :)

Thanks for that, and how's you today? xx


Ruff night again so tired.

I have never been into swearing out of habit but do save up swear words for when I realy want to put my point across.because when I do swear every one takes notice.Iv`e even known habitual swearers to be shocked

My swear words tend to be drat, bother,suger.and soap.You know the one,abar of lux. and hows you?



The usual, thank (goodness). Tired and achey, which is loads better than a flare. I don't know who said it "it pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for being subtle" - probably Lincoln - he gets the blame for a lot. When I do say the F word even the laptop sits up and takes notice. I find people who use bad words a lot are generally inarticulate and hard to understand. They waste a lot of breath too. Gentle lavender scented hugs to you.


In my young days I used to swear t then children and responsibilities so we had rule if you swear you must understand where the word came from and why. Eager teenagers searching dictionary's silence the swearing stopped. :) xxgins I am glad we have a no swearing rule on here. :)


1 fence

2 the competition

3 dust

4 have you stopped beating your other half? :)

5 it bobs up and down ;)

6 water

7 the same length as your trousers :)

8 normal (or I'm in trouble) :p

9 a glove for my normal hand

10 a deck of cards




14 an oak has an acorn tight shoes makes a corn!


16 T with a choccy biscuit please, mmm

17 embarrassment, watching green then amber get turned on ;)

18 envelope


20 madam. I'm Adam

These were fun, but put me out of my misery, my brain hurts!!


Hi everyone pleased to see you are all having a giggle still some gaps hmmmm well I will leave the answers a little while longer. Unless enough people ask me :D


Here goes another one!

1. Headge Row

2. Weight

3. Air Marshall

4. Give me a biscuit

5. 'It bows' you over

6. PIP

7. long enough to reach the ground

8. By their name

9. A glove

10. Help the aged

11. 25 Chairs

12. When it is hessian

13. Who are Wolves playing on Saturday?

14. A corn

15. v

16. C as in Celsius, which is hotter than F as in Fahrenheit

17. It went from amber

18. E

19 Cat

20. Madam I'm Adam

That was fun, thank you gins.

Ken x x x x


Hi Ken No 16 clever answer but the one I am looking for is B as in Boil !

I will put the right answers up later when I am fresher :)

Thanks for playing



THANK YOU ALL FOR HAVING A GO we can see who are the clever cloggs

(hehehehe) I thought some where quite AMUSING.




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