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Pain clinic appointment . Hiya guys truly sorry that I haven't been in touch lately but I've been a bit down in the dumps;-( with the usual things ( work / pain) . I had recently attended a hospital appointment ( pain clinic) . The doctor was very understanding I was in his office for about an hour just talking and had a quick examination , tender points . So he gave me a clinical diagnosis of fibromialgia . We spoke about drugs that I am on which are 75 amertripterline 900 3x daily dhyhidrocodine / or tramadol and paracetamol . The also has given me pain patches lidocaine 5 per cent , these patches cost £75 per pack of thirty . The next thing he spoke to me about was that he wants me to attend his pain clinic as an inpatient ! For 3 weeks in Glasgow . It's for people who have chronic pain illness . I could not belive what I was hearing ..... Has anybody else been offered this ( I truly hope so ) how good is that . I myself can't go because I have a teenage daughter who has autism / Asperger and couldn't leave her for 3 weeks . Apparently they are only two of these clinics in the country one Glasgow and the other is in bath , I myself live in Aberdeenshire . He also mentioned another drug he wants to try me on I will ask my doc next time I see her and let you know as Ive forgotten . I also have good news myself regarding work as I've managed to cut my hours from 33 a week to 22 per week , so I now only do 2 12 hour shifts a week . I have being doing this now for 3 weeks and it's great . Sorry to go on a bit but I haven't heard anybody else mention being offered this 3 week course . Thanks for reading guys. Xx billie

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  • What a shame there was no alternative offered for those unable to become an inpatient for 3 weeks! I was lucky enough to attend a pain management programme which did not involve being an inpatient and found this very helpful (just wished it had been offered years ago). Good that your employer is sympathetic and able to accommodate a reduction in your hours, although 12 hour shifts must be very tiring. Hope your health improves and you continue to feel the benefit from this change.

  • MommaH Hiya thank you very much for your kinds words . Yes 12 hours is very hard going on my body. I do consider being lucky working for the nhs as my new boss has stood my me all the way. So great full indeed . Xx billie

  • What an opportunity to have to miss, surely there is something available nearby? I live in the central belt but have never heard of this clinic, to be honest I had to fight to get a referral to a clinic in Edinburgh which was a 90 minute journey each way and involved 12 3 hour sessions after an initial visit to see if I was a suitable candidate. 3 weeks as an inpatient would have meant so much, not least getting the right meds that actually take the pain away, even for a short while. I felt that the pain clinic I attended set me back so much due to the travelling etc. As I haven't as yet been able to get a referral to see a specialist I have no chance of getting to that clinic. What a very understanding doctor you have.

    Great news about getting your working hours reduced but I take my hat off to you at being able to work 12 hour shifts and caring for your daughter on top of that. I doubt I could have done that while I was fit and healthy.

    I will be interested to hear what other pain relief was suggested as I am really struggling right now, the pain is as bad as it has ever been and despite upping my pain relief twice I am still in agony most of the time. Sorry if this has come across as a bit of a moan, I didn't mean it to.

    Take care, Linda.

  • Hey Linda your not moaning at all love . I do truly wish that everybody who has this awful illness should be offered this course. My husband just said to me 'I think you should go to Glasgow '. He doesn't think I should miss such an opportunity like this . Yes I am still strugerling

  • Linda I am sorry I didn't mean to press the send button lol. I wanted to yes I am still struggling with work with pain and being so tired every day of my life but I can't leave my hubby for 3 weeks and all my doggies xxxxxxx

  • I don't know where you live but there is a pain clinic at Walton hospital which run the residential clinic you go home for the weekends, I haven't used it, I know of someone who is there at the moment but it is 4 weeks. Hope you get sorted

  • I am so sorry to read that you cannot go onto the in patient programme, it would have been a wonderful opportunity to explore and examine your pain. I genuinely hope that the new medication that you mentioned works well for you.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of lcuk


  • Hiya snappy1 Thank you for your reply :). I live near Aberdeen and the clinic is in Glasgow. I just couldn't leave my family for weeks at a time and my job . Have a great day x billie

  • Hi Billie, i have attended this clinic as an inpatient, it was monday to friday. It has been wonderfully helpful, the staff are dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic pain. You were probably offered 3 weeks as opposed to outpatient treatment as you are too far away to travel daily. What a shame you cannot take them on their offer, it really does help.I would go into detail but i need to go out just now,if you want to know more i can tell you later, good luck


  • Hiya Sharon thank you for your reply :) yes please I would dearly like to hear more about the program , I am thinking about it because I am getting sick and tired of every waking day of my life is pain and fatigue . I wish I could give up work sometimes because of not being able to pace myself . Xx billie

  • this sounds very promising! is there really no way someone could care for your daughter? Maybe even in Glasgow. As a carer you have the right to a carer's assessment, and if you need in-patient treatment then you have the right of being supported to get it.

    I hope you find the right way for you.

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