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xray results thru

and all ok! never mind that my knuckles have swollen double size but heyho must be the fibro any nothing else.

i also have an irregular heat beat so sometimes skips a beat then s a double beat dr said about a year ago its harmless which again if it is no problem but for the last 5 years or so i wake up gasping like my heart has stopped it prob hasnt but have woken my hubby up numerous times gasping which i think is sleep apnea rather than my heart stopping as dr said it was ok.

my brother wears a mask for sleep apnea but he is very overweight as well and another brother thinks hes got it as well as he wakes himself up gasping.

the problem is i feel like a hypercondriac keep going to the drs, my mum used to nearly live at the drs they kept pumping her with drugs and 2 years ago she died suddenly aged 68 so dont want to leave things either but really get fed up going to see her thinking she thinks im putting it on.

so really want to know if anyone else has sleep apnea and is it dangerous? i have always gasped myself awake!

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hi angied I have sleep apnoea and was diagnosed long before my fibro was

my hubby said i used to stop breathing and it spooked him

anyway i have a mask to help and doc said it was due to my airways, not being overweight so it can happen to lighter folk too (not that i am that light)

ask your GP to refer you to a sleep lab/clinic for diagnosis there you will be able to find out one way or another

if left untreated you will find that you are constantly tired and never have a restful sleep (sounds like fibro)

as for being 'dangerous' well it will put strain on your heart all that effort to wake you up to breathe, so it would be good for your health to find out and get treatment if you have it.

hope that helps

hugs xx


If it is sleep apnoea it can stop you getting into the really deep sleep that we need to feel refreshed . I'm not sure if it's dangerous but I should imagine it can't be very good for you .Maybe you need the mask like your brother has ?

It's always a struggle with Fibro knowing when you need to get a new symptom looked at and when it's just a progression of the disorder isn't it ?

I dread having to go to the doc and just lately everything seems to be wrong with me. I get the feeling of the missed heart beat too and like yours my GP says it's nothing to worry about - but I still do . It's scary when it happens.




Sounds like you need to see your GP and ask to be referred to the sleep clinic Angie. Assume it can be dangerous and could be hereditery if your brother is also a sufferer. Dont worry about how many times you visit your GP, you only have one chance of life so grab it and dont gamble with it.

Take care, love Angela xx


Sleep apnoea can have implications for your long term health and will make your Fibro a lot harder to control.

An x-ray might not show early signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis or another inflammatory condition. So even if nothing is coming up as positive now, don't forget about this or let your doctor do so. At the very least you should have your bloodwork rechecked on a reasonably regular basis, at least while you are showing atypical symptoms (Fibro not being inflammatory).


bless you love to you diddle x


thank you for your replys i will go and see gp sometime im due to go for an update on my anti depressants so may co-inside with that (will write it down otherwise ill forget!!!)

its not everynight, well dont think it is but would prob work out while im tired all the time to me everything is down to fibro!

i thought that it would show up on xrayss and not the bloods think she was looking for osteoarthritus, but have always been told you dont swell up with fibro and my hands and knuckles always swell nearly double the size


I had selling of my hands and thats what prompted my GP to refer me to the Rheumatologist. i had to have my wedding ring cut off after being married over 20 yrs! they couldnt find anything in the xrays either! so i guess it is connected to Fibro…. see my reply below re the sleep apnoea which is separate :) xxx


sounds like the symptoms of Obstructive sleep Apnoea. It is a serious condition and should be treated. the CPAP mask isnt pleasant by any means, but you can get used to it. I was dx last december and have been using CPAP since January. My problem is finding a comfortable mask so it has meant several trips to the sleep clinic.

Not being treated can lead to heart disease or stokes, so prevention is vital.

I also asked the same question is OSA dangerous….. the answer I was given after my Sleep study was….. but stopping breathing for at least 10 seconds a time, on average of 63 times per hour over an 8 hour study….. is that not dangerous!

Initially i didnt want to use the CPAP but went away and did some research for myself and scared myself into using it.

I was hoping that i would have felt some benefit by now during the day (Ie fatigue/tiredness), alas no, the fibro having the same symptoms has taken over there, but I must be getting a better sleep as the CPAP machine is recording my apnoeas now at a 'normal' level down from 63 to around 4 or 5

Mentally I am still struggling to come to terms with it as its for life! so that along with the fibro and my hip problems it has knocked me for 6! But I do have a very supportive sleep clinic and i feel that is crucial. without that you are less likely to comply with the treatment,

Please do go back to your GP for a referral to the sleep clinic. its very possible it runs in families…. the feeling that you get of gasping is you breaking through the snore to enable you to breath again!

when you are doing this all night long it snot surprising we wake up shattered!

I am still fairly new to all this but there is a ton of info online to help.

There is a great forum run by a lady called Kath. She will help you wherever she can. hope its ok to add the link again here… I have joined and its a great support to me. Until I found her site I felt i must be the only female with the condition because everything is always geared up towards men having the condition….we are not alone :)

There is also good info here and

good luck hugs roz xx


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