fat people only get fibro

Yes floks thats what a dr told my friend. she thinks she has fibro as she has all the symptoms, but the dr laughed at her she told him that she thought he was rude nad he said she has not got this rubbish illness as only fat people get it. I am so angry that 1. he rubbished fibro, then said only fatties get it. go back to uni or get some people skill ahhh so angry

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  • What a rude gp he wants reporting to the practice manger x

  • i agree with rosehip . people like that need reporting we should all send the practic

    an email i was 8 1/2 stone when i was diagnosed with this thing

    it is ronge that gps can say things like this and no one can do anything about it so they think

    if a person said anythink like this you would say somethink back to them but a gp oh no they can say it WELL NO time to stop things like this

    you can report them we must STOP thinking that gps are GODS they may think they are but no they are only egnarent people and should be stoped

    soft hugs kath

  • that gp needs reporting not to the practice he should be reported to the general medical council that might just stop ignorant people from judging us i was running 3miles 4x a week in under 25min and under my recomended weight until this kicked in chin up and say i'm better than you i believe in my self xx

  • Well thats bad I would like to have a conversation with that

    doc I have fibro and I am not over weight he needs reporting

  • how pathetic !!!!! stupid doctor !

  • just shows what ignorance and bigoted behaviour there is still to overcome, and what a smug self-satisfied quack that doctor is. needing reporting. and brought down a peg or two.

  • PS: I'd also hate to think what trail of catastrophe he is leaving behind him where his patients are concerned!

  • well im overweight and i have fibro my drs address the fact but if he spoke to me like that i would have clouted him mind it would have been more like slap. lol

    But surely it doesnt matter what weight or size u are you expect to be treated with respect..... they would,

    makes me so angry, please I would like them to suffer as we do just for one day and then see their reactions

    gentle hugs x

  • Agree with everyone - the GP should be held accountable for his appalling behaviour. I would be asking him for the research evidence that a/ it is a 'rubbish illness' and b/ only affects fat people. The Practice Manager may not be in a strong position to tackle him, but the PCT have responsibility for the commissioning (i.e. the purse strings) and there will be someone in the PCT to make a formal complaint to. Take calming deep breaths as it happens around us all too often. Best wishes xx

  • i would like to add that our diddle is only little ,so what would the doctor say to her :)

  • p.s she is the only one i know who is very little ,but you get my drift lol

  • well if fat people only get it...i must be over weight at 8 stone...i would report the doctor...

  • Ladies and gents thankyou for your comments I was so angry i work in agp and know this Dr, who has not got a long term position only a locum i have spoken to the practice manager who has taken my concerns very seriously. I have found out what days he will be working so i plan to visit him and have words on our behalf as i am really angry will keep you posted

  • just give us all his address and we ll go and sit on him, the fat people that we are[lol]

  • Perhaps this Dr should be named and shamed and we all vent our anger towards them. I know i have a lot of it that could do with venting!

    Although i feel i could probably do with losing a stone, every doctor i see disagrees with that so technically im not fat and i have fibro. Every person i have met with fibro are slim and not at all over weight. I suppose this doctor also believes only fat people get ill and you can cure all illnesses with leaches.

  • I want his address, that would be so funny, the look of confusion on is face how all these complete strangers are sending him "our opinions". I have a friend with fibro, her illness is very obvious and she quite thin. Please Please Please get your friend to complain. Oh yes and i am fat ... personally i'm not insulted by that, i know what i am and it is what it is, IF i were ever insulted for my weight i would have to applaude the several brain cells it takes to work that out .. like i dont have a mirror and buy cloths, so rather a fat body than a fat head, at least i can do something about it ... we all have our disabilities and there are some out there who are clueless to theirs, its almost funny.


  • Before I was diagnosed with Fibro, as most of you know from previous writings, I was always on the go, super fit etc. It was only AFTER the Fibro got worse and lack of my usual exercise routine - that my weight crept up - in 7 years I doubled my weight almost. I'm 5'8" and now weigh 19 and a half stone. I was 11st2lb - well within range of my height and body type. I'd love to see how this GP could stay slim! I've had Fibro since I was 12 - I was always slim. After my girls were in Junior School and less reliant on me, I got into doing my own keep fit to lose the baby weight. in 2 and half years I lost over 5 stone and was almost my weight I was at when i was 19! (10st3lb) - But before I could finish losing the weight - I got hit by a car (not seriously hurt), as I said in a previous blog/message response, and from then on my life changed for ever.

    How I wish I was this idiot GP's patient over that time - and just let him tell me it's a fat persons "rubbish illness" - He'd crap his pants if I got a-hold of him! What a disgusting ignoramus!

    Gentle hugs,


    Carol xx

    (? ? ?) ?

  • I was'nt overweight when i got fibro, i am now though.x

  • Good job he's only a General Practitioner - clearly not a specialist in much at all. Jack of all trades - master of none GRRR xx

  • haha like :)

  • Oh my goodness what a rude person :( x

  • Webby,

    Very much looking forward to how you get on with this G.P. ( Gormless Person!!!!!)

    Soft Hugs x x x x

  • I wasn't over weight when I was diagnosed and I'm not now either...

  • That's ridiculous. I was very fit and sporty with hardly any fat on me when I first got ill!

  • Snap I too was very fit and and slim before this awful affliction.....now the battle to keep the weight off gets increasingly harder.

    What an appalling way to treat a patient..... Wouldn't we just love him to be struck down with it, that would be pay-pack for his ignorance!

    Positive wishes to all Fibromites, Annette. X

  • So untrue! I'm a size 8 and cant put weight on!

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