sunshine : )

after a horrendous week of pain and sleeping for hours on end i am finally awake and alert for once sat with my tens mc on and going to try to sit outside in the garden to get some daylight and the sun is trying to get out.

i feel like i have reached the bottom and the only way is up as they say. Hope you all manage to cope with whatever trials you have today and don't forget you are not on your own others do understand the dips and pitfalls of fibromyalgia on this site and the lack of others understanding is just lack of awareness. Hope you have a sunshiney day. : )

Hugs lesley x

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  • You have sunshine? I am sooo jealous!! I have rain. Glad you are feeling good. I hope the sun shines on you all day!! :)

  • awe thank you hope sunshine comes your way soon it defiantely lifts my spirit when it is brighter : )


  • It is depressing when it constantly rains i thought i would have to build and ark it was that bad raining last week here lol enjoy your lunch x

  • where are you florida ?? lol rain rain go away here had sun yesterday have you come and stolen it lol love diddle x

  • hiya i wish i was in florida lol north east foggy yesterday but at least no rain today x

  • Hi Linsky, what is sunshine?? Its been so long since I saw any I have forgotten what its like lol. Hope you feel better soon, maybe the sunshine will give you a lift. Take care, love Angela xx

  • definately feel better when it is brighter the damp seems to make my body ache constantly bad week last week.

    hope sunshine is on it's way for you x

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