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So tired and can't stop sweating


Hi everyone, just wanted to check that this fatigue and sweating are symptoms of fibro.

I have been like this for a couple of weeks. The sweating is so embarrassing as my shirt often has wet patches. I get light headed and feel drunk. I bump into things and feel like I'm going to fall over. The fatigue is crippling.

I will see the gp soon as Im due for a check up and now the weather is changing I just want to ask about this fatigue and sweating.

Just wandered if others are having problems with this too.

Hope you all try to have a good day.

My problems seem trivial to what happened in Manchester. I'm watching the TV and nearly in tears. Let's all spare a few minutes to think of others affected by this.


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Have you had any thyroid checks, I had this problem until my thyroid condition was adequately treated, it is however a symptom of fibromyalgia as we don't regulate our temperature very well xx

Golfer15 in reply to Lou1062

I haven't had thyroid checked for a while. Maybe the gp will send me for a blood test. I will ask.



Patdoyle in reply to Golfer15

I am getting really bad sweats and terrible fatigue at the moment. I am also walking like a drunk. Saw neurologist last week whi did yet another MRI on brain which was ok. He couldn't give me a reason just told me what I didn't have!

Hello David

Unfortunately what you are describing are very much Fibromyalgia symptoms.

It may even be that you have CFS/ME as well as Fibro like myself.

I don't know if you have tried a deodorant called Mitchum? It works really well.

My children sweat profusely and the GP suggested that deodorant.

If it doesn't work, your GP can prescribe you a deodorant that my son uses. If you would like me to find out the name of it I can do for you.

Wishing you a peaceful afternoon.

Lu xx

Thank you for your message. I will look for that deodorant. I am seeing the gp soon so I will discuss if he recommends a deodorant.

I have often thought about ME/CFS but haven't had a diagnosis. Don't know if gp can do that. How did you get your diagnosis?

Take care of yourself.


Hi again :)

I was initially diagnosed in 1980 by a GP, some years later I saw a Rheumatologist and he used the tender/trigger point test.

I scored a full house after he scraped me off the ceiling!

A doctor can diagnose CFS/ME and so can a Rheumatologist.

If I were you I'd ask your GP to refer you to see a Rheumatologist.

Look after yourself

Lu xx

I saw a rheumatologist two years ago who diagnosed the fibro. but if it has developed into CFS aswell, I may need to go back. I will see what my gp says.



Hi David, oh it's so annoying isn't it. I have my moments when the sweat will be trickling down my back & have to keep wiping my face and then 5 mins after I could be feeling cold & putting a cardigan on, so know how you feel.

I thought I was bad for sweating but my daughter is much worse & constantly having to change her clothing because it gets soaking wet & she is being treated with medication for fibro symptoms although has not had a formal diagnosis. Also like you, I have always got bruises where I've bounced off door frames & tripped over my own feet. My party trick used to be falling up or down stairs, thank goodness I can't go up them now lol. I've still got a dent in my buttocks where I fell down stairs 20 yrs ago.

As you say, last night's events make our problems go away & the only big pain I have got is in my ❤ for those poor kids & their families.


Jan xx

Thanks for your reply Jan. x

Hello Golfer15, I have the same symptoms as well. Fatigue is worst than the pain,my pain meds take the edge off but haven't found anything to help with fatigue. The sweating is embarrassing😓 I suffer from insomnia and the sweating makes it worse. I'm self-conscious in public as the sweat drips down my face.i also bump into doorways walls trip over nothing and bruise myself. I just assumed it was fibro as others post the same?😕 Take care. Chris

Golfer15 in reply to cespinosa

Thanks for the message. Good to know I'm not alone.

Hi Golfer15

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this and I suffer with Hyperhidrosis form time to time and it is absolutely awful. It just comes on for no apparent reason? I have pasted you the NHS Choices link below as it has some good ideas for combating the issue:

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Golfer15 in reply to TheAuthor

Thanks for this.

TheAuthor in reply to Golfer15

Good luck my friend.

Hi David like someone else has just said about your thyroid.

I have just been told on Monday that they think I have a over active thyroid. My symptoms are sweating. I wake up in the morning absolutely soaking all my hair and night clothes are soaking wet. This has been going on for 3 weeks.

I am speaking to the GP today about medication.

So when you see your GP maybe it might be helpful to ask about your thyroid.

Wishing you all the best of luck and take good care of yourself. Jan xxx

Hi yes now weathers warmer im slowly cooking! wake up hot for one.

It's an odd one as with Asperger's you don't tend to feel the cold which is ok till the Raynauds get a chill then frozen so now warm get too hot.

Hi Golfer15,

I too suffer with fatigue and sweating. Some days I just do not leave the house because of it. I walk with crutches and some days I just don't have the strength to use them. The sweating is worse on a night, it is cover on, cover off syndrome. Then the next day I can be so cold I need a winter coat on in the sun. I cannot understand it at all.

Just try to keep going and keep your chin up as you say there are always people worse off than us.

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