Gin Ridiculous Ryhme not written by me and author unknown


Some people have big ear, sticking right out,

Others have small ears in which you must shout.

Some people have earlobes that hang very low,

Others have ears from which hair will grow.

The only real worry, it must be said

Is if your ears are anywhere

But the side of your Head.!

Well there you go hope it made you smile :) xgins

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  • :P :P :P :P

  • Thank you for sharing that with us all my friend. I thought it was very funny. I wonder who can identify themselves from the ears mentioned?

    I come under debonair and handsome, but I didn't see that mentioned?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Modest too, u have it all! Hope you are keeping as well asyou can...Susan :)

  • Yes, I have an abundance of modesty also, I have so many qualities but the young 18 year old girl at my local surgery doesn't appreciate them?

    All I said to her was 'does your mummy know where you are?' and 'don't touch anything til a grown up gets here' and she ignores me completely now, I don't know why?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hehe, that's

    What comes with age, our sense of humour changes :) keep it up, now I won't feel so bad when the young guy at my local shop looks at me as though I am a nutter when I say something that he thinks is old!!! I refuse to be old. Take care. Susan :)

  • You're only young once, you can be immature forever :P

  • Why not it occupies time and it makes us laugh xgins

  • Abso bloomin lutely my intention exactly :P :P

    You don't see any contrary evidence I hope? :D

  • Just let me take you to one side Ken. . . :P

  • It did, keep them coming.. Hugs Susan :)

  • pardon?

  • I think it was that it made me smile or laugh. Put it down to me forgeting to finish a sentence or being interrupted .... Susan :)

  • Wasn't me miss, honest :P

  • Well then I give up :p i must have lost the plot lol nothing new there then! Just ignore my rambling. Big hugs instead ..Susan :)

  • Who hasn't lost it? I meant I didn't interrupt you - now that's a rare thing :P

    Why ignore, it's fun and I like hugs :)

  • In that case I will send you a box load, I'm am trying to pack my house up to move and found them unused in the attic :p my kids are too big for them they say lol. Pass them out if there is too many for you to handle! Susan :)

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