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HI to everyone who was concrened as to my where abouts earlier i was fine just went to my sisters beauty room her clients like to see me up there on a monday they like to chat to me and i answer the phone and take money good job i dont do anything else i would be no good lol i cannot believe how much having my grandson has taken it out of me bless his heart hewas sooooo good too but never mind jus gotta let my body get back again .

as i had been up there all day my sister done my nails for me a french manicure so i may be falling apart and look a mess but my nails look good lol

hope you all have a lovely evening love diddle xx

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:) Sound like Mondays in your sister beauty salon, is the place to be. My kind of place. ooh a french manicure & chatting, my nails are really short due to work.

Occasional have acrylic nails, like for Christmas or before a holiday. But would love to have long natural nails.

Any way a random ramble there lol, have a good evening diddle.

Lou x


Hi diddle, glad you had a good day. Make sure you have a rest hunni. Have a good evening. hugs and love to you. helen xx


We now have one posh Diddle!!. Had french manicure on my toes in March and its still as good as ever, doesn't last too long on my finger nails though unfortunately. Hope you had a good day, love Angela xx


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