Unwell and horrid nails

Unwell and horrid nails


Hi everyone do any of you developed sort of ridges on your nails and very dry skin, no matter how often or how much I moisturise there always dry.

Is this part of fibro? Another thins do any of you get bouts of severe diarrhoea Iv been bad since Tuesday can't eat , and just sipping water seems to come right through, and the stomach cramps are so awful they stop you in your tracks ouchy, think I need to see the doc but it's a bank holiday just like the thing to need a doc when it's bank holiday and they need their time off .

Grump overe lizzie57

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  • Hi lizzie57 how strange I was looking at my toe nails earlier and thinking the same thing!

    Yes my nails are the same..


  • Hi Lizzie :)

    I can empathise with the distress after enduring the worst psoriatic flare of my entire life this last couple of months.

    It may be a good idea to have a chat with your GP about all of the above so that together you can decide if a trip to the Dermatologist would be beneficial to you and also to discuss the possibility of whether you are developing food senstivities which are affecting your stomach and bowel, IBS for example.

    It is noted that we as fibromites can have many hypersentivities and not just to pain which of course is the primary one. You may have developed a sensitivity to a particular allergen such as soaps, body washes, wash powders or even a type of food :)

    It may be useful to note down in a diary or journal if you have changed any of your above products recently and whether you notice changes after eating specific foods, for example :)

    It may even be down to a vitaman or mineral deficiency such as iron, B12, ferretin to name a few examples.

    With respect to the dry hands try not to towel dry but to let dry kinda naturally and moisturise when damp as it tends to be more effective that way, you can also buy the white cotton gloves to wear as an occlusion to help the moisturiser absorb better into the skin :)

    Please note I'm not a medical professional just a fellow fibromite sharing some thoughts with you :)

    I hope that you find answers soon and please let us know how you get on :)

    Sending healing fluffies to you {{{{{{{ Lizzie }}}}}}}

    xxx sian :)

  • Hi, I have very very dry skin, its really awful. It sounds like you have irritable bowel. I have it also. Diarrhoea and stomach cramps are classic symptoms. I find Buscopan helps with the cramps. X

  • My nails are a nightmare . Won't grow and have ridges through the nails .... And very brittle .... And I have very very dry skin to the point I feel things are crawling over my skin ... Big hugs xx

  • Omg I can't believe other people with fibro have ridges on there nails plus dry skin thought it was only me, stomach cramps and diarea one minit then constipation, I thought it was just me getting old ☺

  • A couple of months ago my nails were in a terrible state, with ridges, splitting and breaking off I've always had lovely long strong nails so hated how they looked, I've tried everything from nail strengthener to nail creams, the one thing that's done any good is Rimmel Nail Nurse nail rescue, on the bottle it says to put on for two days and leave for a week before repeating for two weeks, but I do mine every weekend put one coat on Saturday and another on Sunday, then leave for a week and repeat weekly, my nails are now back to normal it's amazing, and not expensive , I think it was around £4.99, worth a try good luck 😃

  • My Dad, bless his soul, had this problem too and we used this stuff, or something very similar, on his nails and they improved no end. so give it a try.

  • Do you need to remove it ?

  • Yes once a week remove the varnish and re apply two coats.

  • I'm concerned about remover, because of the drying asspect :-/ How do you find it?

  • I was too, but I do use a cuticle cream every day and they seem to be ok, what I do try to do is leave one day free of polish before re applying so my nails can breath 😃

  • I was just about to recommend Rimmel Nail Nurse too!!! It has really worked on my dry and flaky nails - I use it all the time now. I stopped for a short time just to see what happened and my nails went back to their old sorry state so I would not be without it. I tried almost every nail rescue that I could find on the market - some were very expensive - but this is the only one that gets my nails back to normal.

    Jane :-)

  • Yes I agree, it does say on the bottle it's a two week course, but I use it all the time under nail enamel if I'm going somewhere,

  • I wouldn't worry to much they look really nice and not brittle and chipped like mine , you have nice hands.. honest. x

  • My nails are also the some no matter what moisture I use

  • My nails are ridges but they flake off in layers too, just my finger nails. Actually your nails look quite strong, maybe it's the camera angle.

    Skin, prescribed cream.

    IBS, medicated, occasional problems now :/

    As said, talk to the Dr.

  • Whatever you take for the IBS if that's what it is, check before you buy it doesn't react with anything else you're on. My doc I cant believe the spell checker changed that to MY DOG gave me loperamide on script and says it's a relatively innocuous medication (you often buy it for "Delhi belly" :O Otherwise known as diocalm). I wonder if the nails thing is due to neuropathy associated with fibro. I have type 2 diabetes so am on the alert for such symptoms. My toenails are terrible. Ridged and thick and splitting. Hard to cut unless they get a soak first.

  • Nail problem here too, ridges, peeling, brittleness & looking nasty, tried everything but no better.


  • I know this well, Have never had nice nails

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I have constantly got bad nails and skin on my hands, and I am forever using a cream on them. My GP gives me a steroid cream when they get really bad.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I too have very bad nails 😕. It must have something to do with the fibro or the meds. I get so tired of them splitting, then they tear so close the the nail bed it bleeds 😢 I some times cover them with an arcrylic nails. But only for a week just to get the nail to grow over the bed. I know it no good but at least then the nail bed is healed a bit.

  • One of the earliest signs I had with fibro (other than pain) was my fingernails - ridges, brittle, peeling in layers & one that no one here has mentioned - beaking, where the nails curve down like a bird's beak.

    I also tried many things to improve them, nail strengthers, lotions, creams, ointments, etc., without any success. As soon as my nails grow past the nail bed, they curve downward & start becoming brittle & before long they snap off, leaving hard sharp corners on the outside edges.

    I always feel it is unfair when I look at my 30 yr old son's nails - despite being a painter & using harsh chemicals, sand paper & sanding sponges, etc., his nails are always longer & beautiful.

    I think I will try the Rimmel Nail Nurse that others use & recommend. Hope it works!

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