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HI i hope you are all well io have nt been on here in last couple of days only at 5 am wrote a few blogs tried to answer fewbut there is glitch so cant see thwe replies and i have noticed alot of upset members and alot of unrest since my blog was deleted with my permission but i was under the impression that it was because there were so manty replies to it well over 70 it was making alot of work for the admin people to keep ploughing through them and clogging up the system and so i could move on so i agreed for it to be removed as did not want to cause people work but apparently this is not the case it does not agffect anyone how many replies a blog gets and to be honest there were such lovely replies to that blog i would like to be able to keep them tolook back on and also it seems as though alot of other members are upset it has gone as they would like to have it back so i am going to askif it can be reinstated from today by the highrer up people in the community and then hopefully that will draw a line under all of this unrest as it is not healthy all this we are all suffering form varous degrees of fibro as well as other bits ad pieces and all this is not doing me any good so i am sure it is affecting all you as well

i do hope this can be an end to it all now and the blog be reinstated as that is mty wish i did ask for it to be done yesterday but as i said i cannot access my blogs and the answers !!!????? so dont really know what is happening

it seems the site is falling topieces like me lol

oh well i do hope you are all well and THANKYOU so much for the members who have constantly e mailed me the last few days to support me in all this i do appreciate all your input i am just sorry you have all been dragged into all this but you know who you are and THANKYOU i am asking one more time as a member PLEASE RE INSTATE MY BLOG as this is my wish love toyou all diddle xxxxxxxxx

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I hope that you get your wish, I think you are right, and removing it was an unwise move by admin.

Perhaps they will do you say, so that we can truly get this behind us, as by removing the post, they have inadvertently caused a lot of stress to people who are ill, most of all you.

Take care and try not to worry, Cazx


hi the reason itwas removed was as i agreed to it but because i was told the wrong information so yes lets hope that irt will be put back and all will go back love diddle xxxx


Hi diddle my lovely,I nearly put a blog on about 3.00am just to say I beat you to it LOL.

Sounds like a day in the shade is on the card for most of us.

If you look on questions to the one that was a question for you,I think they do say that putting you blog back is not possible.Non of it made sence hun and I was glad to see what your side of the reason for it being taken off was.

As you so rightly say it makes no difference to anyone how many answers to something someone puts on gets.And if it had been me with the kind of responce you got I would have wanted to keep them to look at again.

I think also people who had never put anything on here did so for the first time,as like me they felt so strongly that you stay.It also spured me on to reply to something for the first time in ages.

I think HU have shot themselves in the foot on this occassion,when every reply you got was so positive where was the harm in that.Never mind free speech on this site.Where is the right to reply.

Lots of love to you hun and if you pick up a carrot cake in Asda have a slice for me.

Lots of love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx (Jayne ;-) )


lolo thanks and hopefully all be well back on here soon lots of stuff gouing on blogs having - signs next to them lo, oh well iam sure it will sort out asap then we can all get back to normal what ever that isd i am going to asda today and yeah i am getting carrot cake not had it in a while so treat myself love diddle xxxxxx


Well don`t forget to eat a slice for me.LOL

I`m going to do a you now and take my little yorkie for a short walk while it is still cool.

OH diddle this time last year I could walk her the 10mins to the seafront,now she is lucky with just up the road and back,but at least I have a large garden.

But they do need that bit of time out don`t they.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxx


Hi, Jayne. I was empathising with your dog walking (or not as the case may be). I too used to walk my Boxer pup down to the rec, 10 mins away and then further, out for over half an hour some days with her AFTER work. Now struggle to walk her round the block. But I have come up with a kind of solution. I drive her to the rec and then throw her ball for her for about 10 mins. She runs herself ragged and I just stand in the middle of the field!! You might not be able to drive your little doggy anywhere, but I find it has sort of solved the dog walking for me. I feel very quilty tho. I got my little pup in October last year, with the sole purpose of getting out and walking with her. She is just a year old now, and obviously needs exercising, but unless a very good day, I just can't do it. I am hoping things will get better again, but my "get up an go" has definately gone!!! Hopefully not for good. XX


Oh Boy a Boxer LOL.They never ever grow up and stay adorable bouncy big dogs for ever.They really do need a ton of exercise and the idea you have come up with is great.

Unfortunately I don`t drive but friends are very good and take us places,being a Yorkie aged 9 this year she likes now to just sniff around and amble at her pace.

Last time I tried her with her ball she just looked at me as if to say "Are you mad you get it".She can still run round the garden like a loony when she feels like it.

Have you done puppy training?as Boxer`s are notoriously difficult if they get out of hand.I ask as I used to train dogs and I miss it so much.

Where would we be without our pets they are such a comfort and seem to know when we are not at our best.

If you haven`t got one the best thing for chucking the ball are those long handled plastic things with a cup at the end for the ball,also great for when she brings back the ball to just scoop it up.So you don`t have to keep bending down.

If you haven`t got one I have one going spare as Tiffy is no longer interested,PM me and let me know.

Hugs Jaynexxxx


We will attempt to get HealthUnlocked to restore the post, but it may take sometime as I expect fixing the underlying site issues will take priority.

However, the original issue still exists that we cannot lock posts, so if we restore the post, people will come on and think that you are leaving all over again. :)


no i think you will find i havemade it clear i am not going anywhere have pm alot of members sothey will soon get the message and as soo as it appears i will blog what hs happened and will write a blog also to say that youare trying to restore it many thanks diddle x


Hi Diddle, that sounds very sensible to me, I think most people who have been on here recently know what the situation is with you and know you want your blog reinstated and quite rightly so. Butterfly, I think you have also made a valid point in your response to Diddle earlier on in this blog.

I have to say too that I am really envious of you all with your little dogs, I miss mine so much. Used to have a yorkie who died a few years ago aged 16 and he was such a character. Your little dog sounds so much like him Butterfly, he would chase a ball indoors all day every day but take him out to the park and he showed no interest in a ball at all. So glad to see you back on the site to Butterfly, you were missed.

Be careful of too much carrot cake though Diddle, the last time I ate a piece I ended up in hopsital for 5 days with pancreatitis and gall bladder problems so that has kind of turned me off it for a while lol.

Take care everyone, Angela xx


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