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Update on my question a few days ago

Firstly I do not want to go through applying for money to much

Stress, of course I understand that a lot of us have on choice.

I was told by people in here that I would be able to register with

My local council as being disabled, unfortunately the act for disability

Was reformed a few years ago and you can not now register, I know

That some people have registered, maybe some councils have there

Own I don't know but mine does not.

Access to work were very helpful, but unless I want help with equipment

Or help getting to work it is no good me registering.

However there is a new help line equality & human rights commission

It's a free telephone number and they were very very helpful the man

Spent about an hour talking to me telling me my rights, I don't know if

I am aloud to put a telephone number on here, if I am told I can then

I will write it down for anyone who is interested they will not give any

Legal advice but they tell you exactly what you can do if you are in work

I don't know if it applies to people who don't work but I should think it

Does, I know anyone can read the act but it really helps when

Some one explains it to you at least. The bits that apply to us.

Fibro is on of the things that is on the disability act

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i would certainly like the number please i have had no joy in help two times ive tried it seems to stop at the desicion of the person on the end of the phone to me!


I am sure it will be a great to you they are so

Nice and helpful please be aware that you will need

a note pad and at least 30mins to spare.

I don't know if I am allowed to print the number

But I will the powers to be can always delete it

0800 444205

I would be grateful if you let me know if it helps you just




It is fine to post about the Equality And Human Rights Commission Vivien, here is their contact info -


Phone: 0808 800 0082

Textphone: 0808 800 0084

Opening hours:

09:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday

10:00 to 14:00 Saturday

closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Post: FREEPOST Equality Advisory Support Service FPN4431


Thank you I can't speak highly enough about them

The only people of any help


Hi i've just been turned down again for the 4th time for DLA!!!! but i no people who have fibro and get everything :-( Please Help..... Wud this number be of any help to me, if so wat should i be asking of them???? xx Very unhappy fibro sufferer :-(


Yes it might be try give them a ring you have nothing to loss

You just tell them what has happened to you and your

Condition you don't need to ask much they well ask you.

I don't know if you work but the other place is access to work

They help with finances I don't know the number it depends on

The area you live in but google it, not hard to find.

I have never tried the DLV I know it's hard to get but you just

Have to keep on at them and apply again, some of the people

In here may be able to help with that,

I have never tried because of the stress involved but I know some

People have to.

At least they can tell you what you can do


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