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Just had a decision back from a mandatory review from Dla saying that nothing has changed in my condition since 2012. I was rewarded the middle rate care back in December last year until December next year . But I really struggle getting out. I wrote them a 6 sided a4 letter about my difficulties that I use a wheelchair but need someone to push me as I can not self propel and I can not use crutches anymore as I can not lean on them as my arms are in agony all the time and my hands can not hold the handles. In the decision the man goes on about me not telling them anything different from 2012. Oh I thought I said I use a wheelchair now that is different. He says that I can use a commode at night .I wasn't talking about at night! I am still under my pain management but he says I am not . Do they actually read our letters.

When I did my review in December they granted me my care component back without a medical. Don't get me wrong pleased about that but how can they take a medical from 2012 and say that I my condition has not changed when it has without actually looking at me and seeing how I go on getting in and out if a car and in and out of my wheelchair. I get confused and panic when I am out but he has completely ignored all this. Does anyone know what the next stage is for me ? I am really angry these people do not understand how lives are day to day. Yes I may have been able to walk to the bus stop in 2012 but not now. Please any advise would be gratefully accepted.

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  • Hi MichPhil, I'm sorry your going through this. I believe you are correct....I don't think they actually read the letters. I am about to do my mandatory letter with the knowledge that it will be ignored....I may be wrong....but I do believe its part of the process that leads to the tribunal. I am going to try to seek advice on how the process really unfolds and I'll let you know.

  • Hi RealTSM

    Thanks for your reply I am really fed up with these know it all people who decide how ill we are. I wish they could live our lives for a couple of days and then they can see what we go through day to day.

    I would be very grateful if you do find out what happens and how it works .I hope you have better luck than me will keep in touch.

    Gentle hugs.x

  • Hi michphil

    I am so sorry to read that you have been left so angry and frustrated with your benefit claim, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    I believe with your award letter you should have the information of where to write if you disagree with their decision? if so, I would compile a letter and stating everything that you have here, and also consult with any medical staff that will support you including, GP, consultant etc and send them altogether with your letter.

    It may take some time but if I were you I would not give in, as you are clearly entitled to the higher benefit rate.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi michphil,

    I am sincerely sorry you have been treated in such an appalling manner, I agree with Ken, there is a "form" in with your letter if you disagree with the decision made. Ken"s good advice, I would go along with and write back to them disagreeing with the decision, Any letters of support off GP/Consultant are usually a great help with your claim, which you are obviously entitled to,

    I know many people are refused or decision stayed the same, despite deterioration of your condition & form you took so much time/effort with. I don"t want to give you false hope but most of them have had decision over-ruled in their favour by filling in form, it is worth a try!

    I would advise you to send it Registered Post as on one Occasion The Board told me they had"nt received my Form and I had to repeat it! Since then I have sent all correspondence to them via this way. Also I photocopy Important Letters of Support, so I always have a copy.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world and hope it comes back in your favour.

    Sending positive healing energies, Betty Baby

  • thank you Ken and Bettybaby,

    I will do as Ken has advised I do not want to give up as I think it is about time that these people understand what we go through day to day. I am going to see my GP this week and my consultant and get them to do me a letter to send with my reply. It is so frustrating but as I say I will not give up. If I was a alcoholic or a drug abuser I would not be going through this I would have got it straight away . I am so tried and the frustration is really making me feel so much worse. I feel so sorry for my husband who is not well either and he is stuck with my angry outburst and all the care he gives me . I do not understand how they can go off a medical from 2 years ago . I shall keep in touch and thank you so much for your advise.

    plenty of soft hugs


  • Thank you michphil

    We would all be interested in being kept up to date with how you get on, so thank you.

    Good luck

    Ken x

  • My Physio says try and keep walking on good days. Rest on the bad and pace.Paradox is if we can walk on the good days and not on the bad they take the fact that we can walk so can work.This system is illogical to me. A.T.O.S treated me as if I was a criminal.Thank god they are out.

  • I agree with Ken, I am writing a letter. I'm trying to include everything, even the gross stuff!! I always seem to gloss things over but now I know I have to stripe away the pretence and getting down to the raw bones of the aching, stiffness, pain, etc.

    Please keep us updated hun.

    Big hugs.

    T x

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