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Has anyone been told they have internal Shingles? If so, what kind of treatment do you get to lower the pain?

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Hey, I have had facial shingles many times :( I am treated with aciclovr an antiviral and as it is reoccuring I am taking 2 a day.

Not to sure what the internal means. I thought all shingles are internal as its to do with the nerve paths.

Have you got a blistery rash?

NHS Choices website is good, tells you all about symptoms.

Hope you get some answers soon Lou x

I agree with Chris, I've read up a bit about Internal Shingles and it says that this condition should be treated straight away as it can spread to other organs. It's best to nip it in the bud so to speak. The most common forms of treatment for Internal Shingles include oral drugs such as steroids, antidepressants for the symptoms, pain relievers and other medications. These drugs should not be taken before consulting a doctor. They are most effective if taken within the first few days of the symptoms. If you haven't got any treatment from your doctor Punkin, please go back and ask for some. Presumably your doctor told you that it was definitely Internal Shingles?! :) :)

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Dear LibbyDe,

Thank you for replying. One of the many doctors I have seen since the Fibro diagnosis, a metabolic doctor told me the pain in my abdomen was shingles. He never mentioned anything to take or do nor the vaccine that was available. I am going to find out more about my condition with the doctors I have and see what they say. So far I have only asked my primary care doctor about something to prevent another outbreak and if it had to do with the immune system with Fibro and got nowhere. Next I will ask the rheumatologist.

Very Sincerely,


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