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Has anyone written to their MP about the recent changes to the benefit system, namely ESA & DLA please? If so what has the response been???

After going through the awful stressful experience of making claims myself I'm considering writing to my MP about the unfairness of the ATOS assessments regarding benefits and their complete lack of transparency regarding their findings, If anyone has experience of doing this I'd be most interested to hear what response they received. I've been asked by CAB to speak to the media but have declined as I'd feel far too exposed to do this - even though I appreciate that unless someone DOES speak up nothing is ever going to change.going public on things would take me to a stress level I just couldn't cope with right now.

Any thoughts???

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I actually wrote to the Prime Ministers off ice and actually got a reply!!! They said they had passed my comments on to the DWP. I was complaining because there is no help for people like me who can work a bit but not the 31 hours required to get working tax credit. There should be a benefit to help us stay in work. So far i have only managed because of child tax credits but that will be finished soon as my kids are nearly done with full-time education :(


We as claimantsa should not have to speak up and tell the government just where they are going wrong. They know exactly where they are going wrong but they see it as right. I have not written to my MP, but I am serioulsy thinking of letting her know the crock of rubbish I was dealt after seeing an ATOS doctor. I wish you luck xxxx


You know i didnt realise how many people has this condition.. i have been in a daze or the fibro fog.. ha ha... But I really do feel that action needs to be taken... this group is fibroaction.. but what ( if any) is being done to get the word out... to the right people.... we are gathering here in support of each others "fibrofight".... we do need to do something..

I cant think straight and I may be talking a load of rubbish but what if we set up a fibro petition or log or society or something and all of us wrote our own letters and filed them with the appropriate peoples.. the DWP.. Government.. whomever it is... We dont just need awareness... we need to get noticed...

Again I will repeat.. "Shout the Silent Scream" .. x


Okay just found this...

So there is one.. ;-)


i filled this one in the other week lacey is there anymore to sign cos im up for itxx


Signed it lacey ~ thanks for sharing! :-)


Yes, I have bombarded my MP with emails about the whole Welfare Reform issue as it was being debated in parliament along with thousands of other people. It was an eye-opener to realize just how many people have criticised the system and process for its injustice. I soon discovered just how many when I joined campaigning groups on Facebook. This highlights to me the sheer enormity of how much the government is not listening. It doesn't stop my banging off emails to my (Tory) MP because as soon as I stop, she's won. But if they're not listening to GPs (who all voted against the WCA at their conference) and they rode rough shod over the objections in the House of Lords, then it all makes it very depressing and demoralizing. In fact, I just wrote to my MP about the sanctions of 70% they're planning to make to some people in the WRAG group and this was her reply:

'Thank you for your email, I realise that you are not happy, however we are unlikely to see any changes in policy now.

The system aims not to be discriminatory but does aim to install sanctions on those who continue to refuse to take up offers of employment. If someone is too sick to work they will be protected and supported by the state, however if someone can work, then they will be made to work. Without sanctions there will be no way of ensuring these policies are fully implemented.'

Bearing in mind, that people in the WRAG group have already passed the WCA then how can anyone justify making ill people work and taking away their income? It is barbaric


Thank you Kirby for your reply ~ a really "interesting" email there from your MP... :-(

I've just signed your 38 degrees petition and will do some reading on this and in FB on the pages you've mentioned.

While it ls is encouraging to know that GPs voted against the WCA it's obviously making no difference... but does explain to me why during my recent ESA assessment that no notice was taken of my GP's wonderful letter that said in her professional opinion I was completely incapable of working now or in the foreseeable future... If they don't accept a GP's opinion then how come they can sign sick notes for those who are actually IN work???

I posed another question earlier about what exactly happens when you are in WRAG (as I am now) and cannot get a job or perhaps even attend their "interviews"? I'd also love to know exactly WHO is going to employ you too - after all if I was an employer I certainly wouldn't employ me!! Perhaps they intend to bring back the workhouse...

If you have any further insight on this then I would love to read it and will be happy to sign or support any other petitions you know of.



I wrote to David Cameron and like Debbie they passed my letter to the DWP. I got a standard reply from someone there , basically spouting about the size of the welfare bill and the need to cut it . I replied that actually, the welfare bill is paid by the people of this country through NI contributions and is NOT a gift , so it has nothing to do with cutting the bill. I got no answer to that .

I write to my ( Tory ) MP often and he normally replies but although he " sympathises " and says he will back me if needs be, he doesn't really do anything- or at least he hasn't so far.

I also wrote to Ed Miliband to ask what labour intend to do if they get into government next time, and received a reply from the shadow health secretary yesterday, totally ignoring all of my questions and going on about the NHS reforms.... and asking me if I'd like to campaign for the Labour party LOL... I replied that until Labour stop behaving like Tories , I had no intention of backing them either !

The 3 main parties are all of the same mind and have no intention ( policy wise, although I think individual Labour MP's do disagree with the reforms ) of changing anything in my opinion.


I recently wrote to my (labour) MP regarding the Housing Benefit reforms, whereby if you have a two bedroom housing authority property but live alone (even if you have children on weekends) you will have your benefit cut by 14%! If you have a 3 bedroom property with the same circumstances, its 25%! There is no allowance made for children staying (I have my daughters every weekend and other holidays) or for carer's that intermitantly stay. I am of the understanding that unless the spare room is used for the majority of the week, then these rules apply. This is all well and good if you get DLA, but this too is likely to be cut when it changes to Personal Independance Payments, meaning some people become homeless!!!


Chicme i think we should all put pen to paper with all our stories an how we are treated by this lot coz im so fed up of them i really am i hate Cameron to the core !!!!! an stick em every where tree,s shops, building windows of Atossers, AN DWAP Offices throw em from building anywhere you can think of get your family mates anybody who will help? this will cause a big stir an make em listen an show em up for what they are a scum government picking on the weak!!!!!!!!! so come on guys this is our moment we want millions everywhere/


Atossers! love it!


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