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Chronic Lower Back pain. Do you have the same problem?

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I would like to know if any of my Fibro Friends has a chronic lower back problem.

When I have been on my feet for a small amount of time, I feel like my top half of my body is so heavy that I get a crushing feeling at the bottom of my spin. Go to sit down and the pain is so great it takes your breath away. It is like a knife being thrust into that area. I have always thought it was because I have weakened my vertebrae, ruptured 2 discs 12 yrs ago. Long period of recovery, so I thought maybe I had damaged the nerves. Dr's say nothing to do with it, all part of the Fibro problem, but is it? I also was advised by my Doctors in Spain to wear a corset. I think this did more harm than good.


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I do, on occasions, have this feeling, especially the crushing pain when standing/walking for 'prolonged' periods (i.e. for about 10 mins). I tend to try to walk through it, with the help of strong painkillers, then - when I get home - lay flat on the floor/bed (dependent on how able I'm likely to be to stand up again!), and hope that it eases a bit! I put it down to a couple of falls downstairs, which resulted in me bouncing numerous times off my coccyx.

You might want to try your GP for a referral to physio, an osteopath, or orthopaedics, if you haven't already.

Hugs xx

Hi ive been ill in bed most of the day with this plus a bad bad period too.I

m sick of taking pain killers and cant survive without my hot water bottle.

I have docs weds and im telling him straight.x

i have chronic lower back pain but they say it is to do with the facet joints i have injections in them every year get them to send you to a pain clinic if there is one near you mine is not to do with my fibro good luck x

I have been going to a pain clinic for 5 yrs, had physiotherapy and I see one of the top pain specialist in the country, he says there is nothing they can do.Just control my medication as It all to do with the FMS, pain killers don't touch it. It takes all the enjoyment out of going out, unless I use a wheel chair or a scooter. I hate both of those options, especially when I go shopping. I am starting to feel that I wish a few Doctors could experience some of these symptoms, I don't wish them sick but I wish they could understand how much pain we can be in.

Thanks for all your comments they are a great help to see how you are all coping with the same problems, all the very best to you all. I love reading your comments.

My dr seems to say everything I go in with is down to my fibro. I have very bad pain in my lower back,so much so I don't know where to put myself.Have tried everything you can think of and am left with just strong painkillers which take the edge off.

The best thing I bought for my fibro is an adjustable tempur bed. Expensive, but it gives me some relief and can even get comfortable! I would go without everything to afford another one when and if this one needs replacing.....really could not live without it.

Hope this helps

Hi deelightful

I have chronic back pain and have been going to the Pain Clinic for nearly 4yrs. They haven't actually labelled my pain as Fibro but they have stated in a letter that I have 'widespread chronic pain' and when you google that it comes up with FM and when I asked them they skirted around it!

Unfortunately I am going to sound really awful because I just get on with things, I do then suffer but I have a fantastic husband. I work mornings and I find the discipline of getting up and knowing that I need to be at work helps. It gives me an impetus. At weekends if I don't go out I tend to take longer to get going.

In the afternoons I give myself small jobs to do and then sit down. My pain clinic are very good at telling me to pace myself, i'm not so good with doing it tho! It can take me all afternoon to cook dinner but........

Sitting down is such a relief when you have stood longer than you need to, I don't get down on the floor I would never get up again lol.

My mantra is .......... this $%*& thing is not going to run my life!! I am in charge and it will not stop me doing things!!!

If you need to get your self some things that will help, use a buggy if you can, local supermarkets have them (although I am really stubborn and won't use them much!!) The red cross are good for a perching stool. There are lots of things out there to help us we just have to find them.

I'm sorry this post is so long yours struck a cord with me.


Hi Froggy,

Good for you and well done. Your are absolutely right, take charge and not let it control you. I use to work long hrs in a Fresh Produce Office 8 till 6 or even 7, 6 days a week, they wanted 200% all the time. I pushed myself so hard even with the pain and I burnt out. Pacing is the key but who can do it.

I went out in the garden this afternoon and planted some of my bulbs, I hurt and was in a great deal of pain but I did it, and you feel so much better than just sitting doing nothing. When even I accomplish a big job around the house I feel so good, they do say "No Pain no gain" it certainly is with FM.

Hi deelightful,

yes i've got chronic back pain too and like you had prolapsed disc removed about 7 yrs ago but was told then they only removed it to get rid of sciatic pain in leg but vertabrae worn and rubbing so will have pain, xrays a few yrs ago came back with exgtensive osteoarthritis in knees and lumber region so for ages was just given painkillers for it. When i moved and changed gps i asked if i also had fibro as this seems to come after long term chronic pain - at least thats what i understood and eventually gp and consultant said probably!! Cant stand for more than a few minutes and walking is a killer. I also tried to fight through it but finally stopped working 2 yrs ago cos i felt i couldn't give enough. Now I'm feeling a bit of a loser cos tried to come off tramadol but have felt so awful and pain too bad this morning that i gave in and took 1 with a paracetamol. Also take 2 naproxen a day too and that help keep it down slightly. But i dont do shops or so many things anymore, i want too but i end up sweating, shaking and cant stand the pain if i cant sit. Do ironing, preparing food etc all seated, even vacuum seated if feeling well enough lol. Its just too too frustrating for words. Have tried going to a gym to strengthen core muscles etc but then went into massive flareup and also moved again. I did feel slightly better tho going to gym, hurt whether i went or not but cud only manage once a week, but endorphins obviously got flowing. It was one of those half hour circuits with 2/3 mins on each station and tailored to individual needs and i was seated for most of the stations - was overjoyed the day i managed 80 seconds on the cross trainer :D

Anyway, I wish we could all feel wonderful again and do all those things everyone takes for granted,

hugs and best wishes xxx

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Lwaldeck in reply to Shads

I feel the same way as you all the time to,it sucks terrible,I've been out of work for about 3 half years now.worked for 17years but physically hurt to much.trying for disability now.that's what everyone keeps telling me.It also makes you very depressed not having that financial independence and the mobility like I had

I can identify with the chronic back pain, but mine was originally caused when I was nursing, Lifting patients was the norm back then. Now I can only stand for about 5 minutes (for instance when washing up).

Cheers, Midori

I have chronic low back ache. had x-rays and nothing showed up, had MRIs and nothing showed up. Sent to physion last year and physio said she could not manipulate the vertabrae and has no idea why. Second visit she discharged me 'as nothing she can do to help, refer to pain clinic'. That referral never came. I know how you feel. I also have osteoarthritis in my upper spine, so if I stand the lower back hurts like hell and if I sit the upper back takes over. Can't win. They say backs are strong but as far as I am concerned if they cause us so much pain, then maybe not. But I know my lower back problems are down to the fibro now. If it is really bad I use some Radian-B bubblebath and I have a warm soak. It does help for a while as long as I do not move too suddenly afterwards xxxxx

Like Midori, my osteoarthritis is due to my nursing days. We didn't have lifting aids - lifting aids were other nurses!! My spine is crumbling so I have yet to find a painkiller that actually really works. I can't stand for longer than about a minute then my legs start to shake and I'm frightened of falling. My walking sticks make my hands and shoulders ache, add to that FM and I'm no good for anything!! Vet coming tomorrow!!!

Try elbow crutches, poor thing. Give your life to serving others, and your reward is this. It is truth that nurses, especially the older kind (not being rude) are Angles. You sacrifice so much for so many.

I used to say that, "take me to a vet and he would put me down". Then a friend said to me, life is too precious to say such a thing. Yes he is right, we may be in pain but we are alive, we just need to be positive and enjoy what we can. I am always being told by my GP that there are far worse people out there than me, live your life the best you can. All this advise does not help when you are in so much pain and agony.

Regards your fibro friend.

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Tharm712 in reply to deelightful

Your last sentence says it all.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia about 21/2 years ago although I know I have had it much longer. I had a ligament stabilisation for a degenerated disk about 15 years ago followed by a repair to the false ligament a few years later. A few years ago I saw a rheumatologist due to the pains in my feet (my brother has Psoriatic Arthritis which started with foot and leg pain), she carried out various tests which ruled out the arthritis but showed another disk prolapse. Meanwhile I was looking on the net about Fibro and actually took in the symptom page off of the site with me when I went for the results. I showed her the list as I had pretty much all of the symptoms listed and she agreed with my diagnosis except for stating that she preferred to call it Chronic Pain, advising it was a knock on effect of the long term back problems. I have since discovered it just depends on who you are talking to as to what name they give it, for example I now attend the pain clinic at my local hospital and they always state Fibro in there letters to my GP. Hope this helps xx

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deelightful in reply to lynnh

Thanks Lynn, it seems strange that this problem with what to call the illness exists. It is another M.E problem all over again, some do not believe it is a recognised illness. My Rheumatologist told me that M.E and F.M.S are both linked, they are different sides of the same coin. When ever you talk to the professionals you get the feeling that it is not really a recognised illness. I hate that, it either is an illness or not. I often feel that they themselves don't believe it. A comment they often say to me is "ME/CFS F.M.S or what ever you want to call it.............."

I hope today was a good day, I am sorry that you have another prolapse disc. I have been there and know what sort of pain you are in, Take it easy and smile (it may be because you are in pain)but it helps a little. Kind regrads D. xxx

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lynnh in reply to deelightful

Hi D

As the Government have now told the DWP they have to recognise that fibro is a disease the Docs have no excuse but you can see from the forum how many of our fibro family have trouble especially with GP's.

I was told by a pain clinic specialist nurse that it is like a see-saw with cfs/me on one end and cps/fibro the other. Depending on whether your main issue is fatigue or pain then you are put on one end or the other, then it all depends on who you see and what name they prefer lol

I have a problem with the muscles on one side of my body being stronger than the other which causes my spine and pelvis to twist resulting in the disc problems. I am reluctant to have further surgery as I feel the problem will just spread further up my spine. The Osteo who explained this to me thought it was probably something I was born with.

I have found this site to be a great help, it is nice to know you are not alone fighting this poxy illness (and the DWP!) and you can learn so much from the other members too. There are often funny comments and jokes too to make us laugh which really is the best medicine xx

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Lwaldeck in reply to deelightful

I agree,my dr,sometimes makes me feel like,is it in my head.the pain is they but nothing now every time something hurts I say it must be from my fibro,and sometimes it not and then he says,why didn't you see me sooner.

Yes I have cronic lower back pain a lot. Av had all the tests. So was told it was my Fibro. I had3 months of physiology. Then started doing pilates level 1 mostly. It has really helped n I can stand and walk for longer now n don't take as many pain killers anymore. Still on gavapentin 24000mg a day though for all the shooting pains in my arms n legs. X

This article is great, Exercise and Yoga seriously helps, and if you are in on very high stage and want medical treatment , I strongly recommend American Spine Center - Dr. Hassan Jabbar Shaikh in Dubai.. I have experience of his services and i am very satisfied.

For more information you can visit:

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Same here, severe lower back pain if I stand for more than a couple of minutes. Standing still is the worst, if I keep moving I can last longer. However when the pain starts getting real bad I sit 15 seconds or so to take the pressure off and ease the pain, but once this starts its shorter periods before I need to sit again.

I've worked in warehousing for 25+ years and am finding it harder to perform the work, I was thankful that I eventually moved into a lead position where I could sit from time to time to enter employee metrics into spreadsheets.

Our warehouse up and moved to another part of the country and was able to qualify for worker retraining> Got an ATA in Network Technology and now have the opportunity to do one of my dream jobs seeing how I have been building and troubleshooting computers for 15+ years.

However, no one wants to hire someone with and education but no field experience. The hours have been far and in between. Lost my ability to stay on my own and am living with my brother and his family. They are as frustrated as I am. For them its the fact that I won't just take any job. I can't, labor as you can imagine is extremely difficult. When I do get tech experience rolling out new systems from time to time, the pain is hard to bear, and embarrassing when you need sit to ease the pain just in time for a supervisor to come around the corner to think you've been on your ass the whole time. - Try selling any possessions you may have with value and sell it on eBay just to keep gas in, and insurance for the car just to look and go to work, let alone cell phone and student loan payments.

Very depressing, and hard to focus on training to obtain certifications. Let alone the stress I must give family. Still I forge on, just feeling a bit lost.

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Sarahvit in reply to Terry001

Terry, I know things are different in the U.K. but I would think they would have something comparable to the workers with disability act which would allow you those chair/stool things where you are able to set while standing. I’m not sure what they are called but I know they exist.

Hello yes I have the same problems as you, I am waiting for nerve studies done to to find the source of pain, I really dont know if the Fibro has anything to do with all this, extreme exhaustion, I have had 4 ops done and fusions to the spine, this is all very new to me as I thought it was to do with age (71) but obviously their is more to all these pains, I get really bad pain in my arms, feels like I am carrying weights,, I hope you have a better day tomorrow 🐞

Hey i have had lower back pain since i was 15 caused by a fall i had when ice skating with friends as a child.... then recently the pain has got so bad that i cant handle standing in one place for more than 5 min at a time i have to sit down, walking also causes me pain to my lower back I can do house work but would prefare to be sitting while washing dishes cleaning ect as thats the only time im pain free.... I can stand to clean a window ect but only for a few min at a time then i have to sit down.... mine is a slightly different situation than yours and im sorry I have no advise for you.... my mum has fibro and it causes her pain not just in her back but everywhere and i think im headed the same way buying a mobility scooter tomorrow as i havnt been able to leave the house much going to see my own doc this week so if he diognoses me also with fibro as it is in my family i will let you know i hope they can do somthing to help you as i understand this pain is life destroying. God bless.

Yes I have low back pain. Have for years. I just received a 3wk yoga retreat for people over 50. I tried the first day core workout which was harder than I thought it would be. So I am going to stick with it hoping over time my back stomach and the rest of my body will get stronger and pain will decrease some. It is supposed to help lengthen the spine to allow more breathing room for the poor pinched nerves. I know it will take time but I am looking forward to improvement in my physical, emotional which will lead to improvement in my spiritual health. Sorry didn’t mean this to be and advertisement. Just wanted to share my plan of action. I have been on morphine for my back and a few years ago the pain doctor took me off after the MRI of my back was basically normal had a bulging disk but wasn’t pushing on a nerve. The pain clinic was the one who prescribed the morphine. I have had PT, used TENS unit, heating pads (gone through several over the years) massages, chiropractic care, mindfulness meditations, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

That has been my pain journey so far. Like you I’m still working on it. 😊💕🦋

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