Has anyone Had or Has Morphine (oral) as a part of their Meds ? If so what did you find

Hiya went to Docs today and he has said I should try a small dose of Oral Morphine ( 5mls ) every 4 hours and to contact him by phone in about 1 weeks time ,,, Would be interesting to hear from any of you lovely people about what you have experienced with this drug thanks for taking some time to read this Warm hugs and smiles Bri x

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  • Hi, yup I had oromorph took it for 3 weeks and got totally totally constipated and it didn't help with the pain at all had to go back to gp for laxative then back for different pain relief... Sorry if that's not quite the answer you were hoping for .. But I am an awkward person with meds so many don't agree with me.... You will probably find loads of people on here who it does work for

    Fingers crossed

    Good luck

    VG x

  • I recently tried this, ended up being really ill with them, couldn't stop being sick and ended up in a&e. Hope they work better for you :)

  • Hi there, just had to reply.

    I went to see a specialist today, was amazed at what I have learnt. I have been on Oxycodone Hydrochoride - it is an opioid like morphin, for 7 years, all this time I thought it was working, but not so well lately. I was told that apparently the body makes a chemical very much like morphin to kill pain, so these types of drugs do not work for fibro patients. They are addictive and really worth avoiding. Now that my body is addicted to them I have to come of this terrible drug, why can't all Doctors sing from the say song sheet. They need to be aware that we don't want to take such control substances just want to know what will help our illness. We get so desperate that we try anything to make the pain go away.

    I just had to tell you this before you go down that road I have taken. They don't work. I have a back problem of which they helped me temporarily with, I have just fooled myself into thinking it was doing me good. I was wrong big time.

    Take care. xx

  • Hi Bri i take oral morphine and cudnt do without it, i only take it when its really really bad, yes you are constipated but i get stuff off the doctor for it and i would say i was addicted to it as i only take it if and when i need it good luck hun paula x

  • My son in law has morphine patches and has an awful time towards the end of the week when they wear off. Wouldnt recommend ecept as last resort.


  • I take it when really bad and it takes the edge off. I am not addicted to it as keep it to a minimum,but helps just knowing it is there for the worst days. I am on lots of other meds too. So for me it does help but have not found anything to take all the pain away....just waiting for a miracle!!

    Gentle hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I take Tramadol for pain this contains morphine good for pain relief but can make some people quite drowsy

  • Tramadol has been researched to be effective in Fibro not because of the opiod effect but this drug has a seretonin pathway.

    We lack seretonin and this drug pathway helps our seretonin so thats why this


    M x

  • Hi

    I have read that our our opiod receptors do not function correctly ..so what ends up happening is you feel pain relief for a while and then you need higher and higher doses to have the pain relief effect that you felt as the beginning.

    Interesting write up on Livestrong about this....Please look


    My advice would be go go to your GP with paperwork about the main drugs for treating Fibro and discuss your medications with him/her ~ what to change etc

    Oral morphine does help the pain but I would say it is a temporary solution to a long term

    situation. I think it would be best to get on the medications advised by recent research first and use oral morphine as a last resort for break through pain

    I hope this helps

    M x

  • I would agree with Mdaisy. I have been on several different meds over the last couple of years. They seem to work for a short while and then have no real effect. Am currently on the 10mg of morphine patches. The 5mg were no good at all. These seem to be working at the moment to keep the chronic pain down, but the acute pain flare ups it has no effect against already. Don't intend upping it, am seriously thinking of coming off all pain meds and then just taking paracetamol or Ibuprofine. But am really not sure what to do. Otherwise I can see the scenario where I just keep taking more & more of stronger and stronger stuff till nothing works anyway for long. Anyone else have this dilema? XXX

  • Hi , I would say to everyone it is best to discuss recent research on drug therapy for Fibro with your DR. FibroAction website have a very good article called All About Fibro ~ this lists the current recommended medication however it is a guide for you to talk to the medical professionals about.

    None of the simple analgeics, anti inflammatory or opiods helped me. Only tramadol because of the seretonin pathway. I take pregabalin, duloxetine, pramiprexole and tramadol

    Hope this helps

    M x

  • I tried it but for back and arthritis pain and didn't find it strong enough - the only time it helped was when I drank a few Southern Comforts with it (yes I know, very silly but I was desperate) and then, pretty naturally, felt rather sick, although I didn't actually throw up.

  • Hi, Some years ago I have morphine patches, but the rheumatologist told me that opioids do not work. F.M.S are often given these the only thing it does is get you hooked, so I cam off them straight away. He put me on Duluxatine, and gabapentin and it has helped but, I am still in pain just not as much. I really dont know what the answer is to get pain free from this horrible illness.

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