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early morning !!!!!

well i'm wide awake, have doctors appointment today and gone are those days when i can jmp out of bed,dress and run out the door, now i have to give myself at least a two hour run up, either that or i would never get to do anything.

i find my mornings are getting worse, most times it takes me at least an hour to actually get out of bed,my body just does not want to play ball and trying to find a way of rolling my stiff painfull body out of bed with as little pain and discomfort as possible, and i'm not too sure what my neighbours believe i am up to with all the squeals,ooohhhhs and arhsss as i attempt to discend the stairs, i am convinced they believe i do nothing but entertain my hubby every morning lol. fortuanatly after pregabaline,tramadol and a good dose of oramorph i am able to move with some ease,by some i mean enough to get by,oh well had best start sorting myself still have the walk up to the doctors to attempt,if i was so stubborn would taxi it, but refuse to give in and let fibro rule my life,hope everyone has as painfree and flexible day as possible x

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hi good for you with your attitude i am the same it may take me longer to do things but i do them we all have our bad days we jus wanna scream and wallow in self pitym and if we do we do we are entitled to if thats how we feel some days my mask does slip and i need a good old dose of telling myself off and kicking me up the backside as i am alive and i am luckier than some so good on you

oh and let the neighbours think ??? lol

my poor partner we been together 8 years but live inour own houses as that what i want especially with this so he never stays anymore as you know how the bed and sleep thing is so he goes home kast time he stayed here was week of christmas for 3 nights !!!

but he never moans or say anything

love to you diddle xxxx


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