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Morning all !!

Not been on for a bit, the arthritis in my hips isnt good at the moment but thats not the worst lol, woke up 2 sundays ok, and couldnt move with the pain in my back, took me an hour to get out of bed, ah thought i, i slept badly, however the pain idnt go away as expected, so by Tuesday a trip to the Doctors was called for, you have Lumber Sponylitis he said, ah you mean the arthritis is now in my back as predicted, mmm yes thats about it,,,,,,,,the good news though,,,,,,i think is,,,,,,that having called the DWP she suggested i now write and ask to be placed in Support group, so that i dont have to keep going for these work experience courses,,,, thats a laugh actually as i have worked for 45 years and at the age of 60 i have more work experience that those running the course.........lets see what happens next, i am not holding my breath , have a great day everyone xx

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You have a good sense of humor!


Ah well if i didnt i would be ....ummmm...crazy lol, i like to stay positive x


Hi angelm54

I am so sorry to read off your suffering and struggling, and I sincerely hope that your pain isn't too bad at this time. I love the irony of your comment about work experience. I want to wish you all the best of luck with your request to be placed in ''Support Group.''

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you Ken, i cope, the morning are the qworst, i suppose after lying in bed, but hey ho life goes on x


Sympathise with you. I've got Cervical and Thoracic Spondylitis, four herniated discs in lumbar, kyphosis in my neck, oesophytic spurs and Sacral Spondylitis! I've bought an air bed to sleep on and it helps. I've heard that water beds are really good, but I can't afford one, so an air bed it is!


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