nightmare morning

Checked my bank today to find my dla not been paid in. When I rang I was told they had sent me 3 letters to apply for PIP and I had ignored them, so they had stopped my money. After a lot of stress, tears and phone calls, it turns out they had sent them to my previous address, which they said was also my fault as I did not change my address when I moved. I said oh thats funny I have a letter here in front of me which came from you to this address. They refused to tell what address they had, I had to put in new claim for PIP, and send letter of complaint and proof of this letter to them. An hour later I got a phone call saying my DLA was being re-instated, no reasons why there had been a mistake and no apology. Now I still have to face PIP claim as DLA due to run out soon, but at least I will get DLA until then. So people be careful and keep all your paperwork you never know when DWP will mess up.

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  • The DWP mess up ? never,

    Sorry that they have done what they are good at and caused you a lot of worry and stress, So pleased that it has been sorted for now and wishing you luck with your pip claim.

    Hugs sue. :)

  • I always keep a diary, it proves to be invaluable for such times. I know it can be one of those things where you think, I can't be bothered but it soon becomes part of everyday life. I also keep my paperwork in my diary when any letters from DWP come I pop in in the date which is on the letter into the relevant date. I am delighted you got your DLA back, good luck with PIP, gentle hugs. Izzy

  • I have every bit of correspondence from DWP. Any phone calls have been recorded too, date and time of conversation, topic and name of person spoken to and outcome. Which I always ask for in a letter! I even copy any forms I submit. What a shame they can't be so efficient 🐸

  • You go my freind!! Peck.😊

  • Hi

    If anyone is sending in sick notes always copy them as this is one of the most common mistakes they make is losing sick notes.


  • Just wondered whether you locked your post or is it the site still playing up?

    Oh I am so glad you had that letter as proof the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and without that evidence you could have been scuppered. So glad they reinstated it so quickly but sad that you had to go through all the stress. Hope you dont have to face the dreaded PIP for a while yet. Take care.x

  • I hate that for you. I don't like anyone messing with my $$.Glad you got it taken care of. Peck.😊

  • Hi goldwing

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that and it must have been so stressful and upsetting for you with the worry! I think It is awful that they did not apologise to you?

    I do not know if you are interested in making a complaint? But I have pasted you the link to the GOV.UK cache for the complaints procedure:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I think I am going to make a complaint, it was so upsetting to be called a liar, I know we have fibro fog but I rang my husband to check if we had had anything. He said no, he didn't know what to do because I was so stressed and hes just started a new job so couldn't come home. He rang a friend to help me because I had to apply for PIP on the phone, I didn't know what I was doing.

  • That sounds awful, please take care my friend.

  • Bunch of idiot, I'm waiting for out come of my interview/medical which was 8 wks ago and when I phoned two days ago (2nd time) they said someone will phone you by end of today. They called at 4.55pm to say, we have a big backlog, I said, are we talking weeks or months here, oh wouldn't really like to say but probably weeks, great, like we're not stressed enough without this to put up with. Good luck with your claim xx

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