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I am in so much pain arghhh im thought when you got out of bed you are supposed to feel revived and rested ? so what has happened to me then ?

I feel ,lkie i have fallen from a 20 story building into the road and all the traffic going by has been driving all over my body all night

it is too early to start taking my meds the earliest i like to take them is 7 am so suffer suffer for another 1 hour and half

oh well the treet lights are now going off so i am now taking rusty to top of the road

i love doing that in the morning i open up my lungs and breathe in that lovely sea air it is so frsh and clear i am so lucky there and it really does revive you so perhaps that will make me feel better

love to you all diddle x

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Morning Diddle, hope you enjoyed your early morning stroll, Rusty too. Hope you have better weather than we have here in Wales, its piddling down again. Love Angela xx


hi yeah rusty curled up on a chair and weather ok here at min but think it is supposed to rain later lovely love to you diddle x


Hi diddle. I am sitting here waiting for the clock to get to the time for meds too! It's good to know I'm not I'm not alone. By the way, Is that your dog? Christine x


Oh, Ang just answered that question for me! He's lovely. x


yes that my little man he was 8 weeks on there he is 6 now but still looks like that but bit bigger lol he my little mate love diddle x


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