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is Cymbalta good enough?

I wasn't getting on with Lyrica and I am swapping Sertraline, antidepressant and also good for anxiety, and the Lyrica for Cymbalta. I read very good things about it but the doc says that it may not be as good for depression and anxiety because it works in a different way as SSRI's. What do you think? Will it be strong enough for fibro chronic pain? I don't want to do something that i might deeply regret.

Cymbalta interacts with SSRI's that's why I had to quit Sertraline. Any similar stories or good advice? Any subject knowledge?

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Hiya Smiley, I was swapped to Cymbalta last year and find it better than Sertraline. It has taken a long time for me to feel better on it but I think at last I am finding some benefit. I know everyone is different so all you can do is try it and see. Hope this helps, take care, Love Angela.


Hi, I stared Cymalta 60mg today and feel really sick.Just rang my pharmacist who is absolutely lovely and he said to take it with my main meal on a tea time.What time do you take yours and how long does it take to get over the sickness feeling? xx



I will start in two weeks, Tillybaby, I have to come off Sertraline and Lyrica first. I hope it works for chronic pain and depression. It terryfies me the idea of having any of this back any worse. Not sure if I made sense, sorry? My head doesn't function the way it should.


I heard the symptoms dessapair very quickly - the maximun time is two weeks - this is one of the reason why it sounds good to me. Hope this helps. Take it easy for a while until it settles down. More than usual if this applies.


Hi Tillybaby, cant remember feeling sick on it but then I often feel sick so perhaps I just didnt take any notice. I take mine in the morning. I started taking it at night but found my sleeping got a lot worse so the Psychiatric Nurse suggested I take it in the morning cos when she looked it up insomnia is one of the side effects. Not that I need an excuse not to sleep!. Hope you find it some help to you when you start taking it Smily, Angela xx


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