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Hi. Does anyone use Cymbalta (Duloxetine),and if so, what do they take it alongside

GP told me pain clinic will do no more than they will, and can only prescribe me painkillers, more amitripyline or Gabapentin. I have read cymbalta is good for the pain. GP has diagnosed very low Vit D, so if no improvement when levels have been up for a while, I may try Cymbalta (Gabapentin did not agree with me).

Am going on hols for a week so don't worry if O am not back on here for a while. :-)

Huggles Glenys

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Ive not had them, but I'm on vit d ad calcium tablets.

enjoy your hols :)


I have been on cymbalta for a couple of years, I have tramadol (have to take 3 to hit any pain and only lasts about 20 mins) but have been on pregabalin which I have found suits me and is the best so far. Hope the duloxitine suits you, enjoy your holls.


I have been on Cyncalta ( duloxetine) for 6 months now 120mg per day, It's been the best for me. I can actually get on with life, not as it was, but a little better. Once the duloxetine started to do its job, I began to take supplements, Vit D, Magnesium and Vit B. I take Tramadol for the very bad days and amitryptyn to sleep...although does not always work, I have times when I am awake for more than 3 days on the trot!! I also have depo medrone injections every 3 months. Hope this helps.. Gentle hugs. The Vit D is so low that the it really does no good. Only real sunshine works. Or request in injection from GP


I am surprised you are allowed to take duloxetine and amitryptiline as my g.p and the specialist I see at a pain clinic , said as I was on amitryptiline I would have to wean off amitryptiline if I wished to try duloxetine as you cannot take them both as they are both anti- depressants so you should only take one of them and if I were to want to try duloxetine I would have to be weaned off amitriptyline first?? I also looked on thhe internet and it says the same thing


I changed from citalopram to duloxetine about 8 weeks ago 60mg a day and for me its been a revelation - feel more like 'ME' I've had to come off my amitriptyline after 15 years as they interact with cymbalta and am struggling with lack of sleep aside from that feel more positive x


I took it for Urine Incontinence but it didn't have the desired effect so after a month I was taken off and put on something else.


Ive been on Duloxtine and Pregabalin for a few months now and its amazing, pain has decreased so much and would definitely recommend taking both together x


Thanks for your replies. I had a really eventful holiday - not enough rest though, so shall catch up this next week. Photographed my Sister-in-law's wedding whilst there,a nd shared a caravan with hubby, neice, brother-in-law and father-in-law, so never a moment to myself, apart from a nice walk round St Helens with hubby which was lovely.

I also thought I may have to wean off the Amitrityline firs, after mearly 10 years, but maybe if the doses of both that and the Duloxetine are low enough it could be ok as I have been on Ami and Prozac before (in Fact I take Ami with 5 HTP at the moment, which is similar).

Has anyone had any weird feelings with Duloxetine?

Funny enough I am having a bit of continence problems at the moment - wonder if it will help me??? Can always hope :-)



when I was on duloxetine I took amitriptaline alongside


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