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Weight gain with Lyrica! I m taking 600mg and I gained around 10Kg.Since it isn't as good as it was, I'm going try change for Cymbalt

The problem is that it may have iteraction with other meds that Itake:tramadol and naxopren!!!

I'm going to start weaning out lyrica so next week when at the dr I can discuss and start new treatment

Anyone has tried Cymbalta or gained weight with lyrica?

Any other suggestions?

Help please.....

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Sorry for the typos. I m very tired. This is my third sleepness night!!!


Im on cymbalta its a generic name for duloxetine, Im on the max doses and Ive found I not really bothered about eating, it really cut my appitite down


Hi I am on Lyrica and am putting on weight all the time. I do think not being able to be active doesnt help and I also have an under active thyroid and take lots of other medication. It is hard to decide whether to be in less pain or to put on weight. Take care x


Hi I'm on lyrics and the max dose of cymblata and have gained 2 stone in waight, it seams that each medication we take has different affects on our body. I hope you find the right answers

Take care x


Hi. I have been on lyrica for about 6yrs now, i put weight on to start of with but the weight gain has stopped.I always said that i did not want to depend on medication but the thought of going back to the way i was before i was diagnosed makes me come out in a cold sweat..... x



I tried Duloxetine for approx 3 - 4 months and put on abot a stone and a half in weight I am now on Lyrica have been on it a month and my weight is steady at the mo have lost approx 1 - 2 lb.




Both medications are different cymbals is a medication

That is used mainly for depression, but has been found

Good for diabetics and people with fibro as it is good

For neuropathic pain and the only med that is recognised

For fibro

For me I Have found that it takes away a bit of my

Appetite away I don't know if. My pain is better but

I am only on a low dose I can say that I don't seem

To get those allful leg jerks and restless legs

I don't have depression any way only get a bit

Low some times with the pain so I don't know if

It works for depression.u

I have never tried lyrica this medication is not for

Depression it was first used for people who fit

But again it has been found very good for neuropathic

Pain and would work better for pain than cyballta and

It can be used together, but unfortunatlely one of

The side effects for a lot of people is weight gain but

You may find that this settles down.

We can't win can we weight gain makes most women

Depressed I know it does me, but what is worse pain or

Weight what a decision to make

Maybe it would be best to talk to your pain nurse


Love viv


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