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Enough is enough!!

I have just spent the best part of the weekend in bed, everything hurts especially my sides and ribs, they feel like they are on fire with the odd firework going off. I can't get any respite. Went to see the GP again last week because I felt so ill. Pain , digestion problems lack of sleep because I can't get comfortable..... One day I thought I must be dying and then I thought I don't care.

The GP is going to take me off all of my meds over the next 6 weeks because they don't seem to be doing any good and so he can reevaluate with a blank canvas.

The pain clinic has discharged me as they say there is nothing more they can do. I also have spinal problems and have had nerve blocks ( made no difference) lumber facet injections ( made no difference) tried loads of painkillers either made me feel worse or made no difference. I have tried to get onto the pain management programm at the hospital but they don't think I could manage to attend and it is one day a week for 8 weeks. The waiting list is sept at the earliest.

I have tried to find a local support group for fibro / cfs / chronic pain and the nearest is nearly an hour away. And I can't manage that drive.

I feel so cut off from everything, friends have melted away, family are all stressed due to moving, partner a lovely guy but ever the glass half empty kind about to be made redundant. I haven't been able to work for 3 years now, I have also lost four family members and a close friend in the last three years. I don't know if tnhis has triggered so much of the pain.

I can't cry I just feel numb.

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Hi Vcoke

i am so sorry you are so ull at the moment , but at rock bottom the best wayis to go back up.i am not surprised you are suffering so much after losing 4 family members,

our emotions play such a big part of this awful condition so that maybe part of the problem.

Also you have meds withdrawal to cope with which is really hard

I really think thay should let you try the pain management programme as you say one day a week and you will hopefully feeling much better by then , its not as if you haven't tried other things that are available

I too can't access my support group but find so much care and support on here that makes copeing easier

Do you have any treatment for depression ? as from your " i can't cry as i am numb " may be a sign of depression

Sorry i can't be more help but i am sending you warm soft comforting hugs x J


Hi vcoke

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.

Have you been referred to physio recently? I wrote the blog article below a while back on what I think people with Fibro should get from physio. Much of it is much needed assessments - so often medical care nowadays is hands off without much actually looking at the patient!


Hope that helps.


I have my own opinion on why things get so bad for us. I could be wrong and I am open to anyone who shares my thoughts or may have different ideas. I think ideas maketh the blog.

As we know Fibromyalgia is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, how much of an imbalance, no one knows and as far as I know it is impossible to measure it, again I could be wrong.

But I am thinking when it all starts, pain meds, new to us, tend to work and for a while work well and then boom, they stop working well. So we get another pain med, and again, it works well. The imbalance in the brain in turn then gets used to this med and decides to work its way around it, thus causing us more severe pain than before. And so on it goes until the time comes, where I am at now, that nothing works anymore and new pain meds are not being manufaftured fast enough to deal with things like fibro, and I think this is because not enough is known, or maybe the funding just is not there to find a viable treatment. What works well for some does not work at all for others. We are afterall, all different.

I have always said the brain works in weird and wonderful ways and as far as I can see, the more we hit it with different meds, the harder the brain fights it, so in turn, we get worse, a viscious cycle with no apparent end. Proved time and time again when we think we are doing well.

I am also posting this as a separate blog.

Iam hoping that with a blank canvas your GP can make headway by going back to basics, but it is my honest feeling that at somepoint you will end up back where you are now. So I am wishing you well in your endeavours and I really want your GP to get it right for you xxxxx


Hello Vcoke, I am so sorry to hear how you are feeling at the moment. Please know that there are treatments out there, sometimes we have to go through the list to reach the right one.

Try what Lindsey suggests, speak to your GP about the possibility of having Physiotherapy, it is recommended for Fibromyalgia and has really helped many Fibromites.

Please know that we are here for you and we do feel for you.

I hope you get some relief and comfort very soon.

Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



I feel like that too I had a big panic attack while on my hols cause didn't have enuf tramadol I too think that your body get used to the meds I've been on mine for what feel for ever but they're the only ones I'm comfortable with they just mask the pain but I've got diabetes & now alopecia.. I hope you get sorted as my go is goin to try get me off my pain relef so I can try a new one too so hugs to you hope you get sorted soon x


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