Appeal to upper tribunal for pip

I was on dla middle rate care & high rate mobility but took a grand mal fit in August 2015 & was left in coma for 4 weeks & had 2 X-rays in one hospital & 2 in another & I got out in October but while I was in hospital I dislocated both my shoulders and hd 3 operations to put prosthetic ones in so my condition has got worse as I got an infection in my brain called encephalitis (fluid in the brain) but because while I was in coma I never filled in the pip forms for that reason but filled them in when I got out and got my operations in June 2016 to sort my shoulders so why have I bn refused pip ?????? as my condition has got worse slipped disc trapped nerve, 8 bones in foot Broken osteoporosis and now 2 new shoulders can any1 help me pls thanks

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  • Hi

    Its not awared on your illnesses but on how much help you need for the care side

    mobility if you are able to walk your unlikely to be awarded mobility

    I would seek help if you are going to appeal

    good luck

  • I would suggest you contact somewhere like Citizens Advice or any local Welfare Charities who could take on your case. Also contact your local MP - very often they can chase things up and have a positive outcome.

    Good luck

  • I know people who can work the system & can walk talk and cook a meal and there on the enhances rate and it often happens to addicts which I believe it is a self inflicted illness & feel sorry for them as there not enough help out there for nhs never mind rehabs and counciilors

  • I had a dla motor had to give it back but thanks for replying but I know people who can walk talk & cook a meal that are on it but there's people that have self inflicted problems like addiction and arson it it's seems it's who u know and what u know it sucks

  • A lot of people seem to have problems when 'transfering' from DLA to PIP and a lot depends on how the form is filled in and on the person and the qualifications of the person who does the one to one assessment. Get advice from either CAB or Welfare Rights and appeal the decision.. I had a rant the other day at government figures as to how few cases go to appeal.. Well if someone gets the award they won't appeal.. But those that are denied 68% have the decision overturned at appeal and often because of the lack of experience in a certain field of the person carrying out the assessment

  • Sorry for not replying but had a lot on with my shoulder problems ,I eventually reapplied and went to my council lot & eventually got it , I realise there are people without limbs which I admire ,but I couldn't move my arms for 10 months & my muscles were wasted not I can move my right arm but still waiting on operations to get my left shoulder sorted I got a bylateral double shoulder replacement in June 2016 ,with prosthetic . Ball and joints put in both ,but 2 days after op my left one came out so bk to theatre and tried a smaller ball and joint ,so it's came back out so waiting on a bone graft to try get muscle to hold onto the bone and keep ball and joint in socket very sore especially when trying to sleep as had a disc out my back at 19 , but trying to stay positive about it but get very depressed as we don't know how lucky we are to have good health until this happened ,hope you are feeling better ,I'm only a message away thanks for replying Alan xxx

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