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Appointment at Oxford hospital

Hello fibro friends

I am so sorry for such a long absence from posting I have been recovering from an operation.

I was wondering has anyone ever been to Oxford hospital for their fibro for an assessment? I have an appointment next week but told this is only for the tiredness and been given a different appointment in November for the pain clinic.

I have had such a problem with my right leg going weak and giving way, I have had an MRI and that came back clear and was told it is just part of the fibro condition and could be a flare up? The problem is I have now been given two walking sticks to help support me but the weakness has got worse and the tiredness also is taking over my whole life.

I was wondering could anyone tell me if they have ever experienced any of these symptoms and attended Oxford.

Kind regards Dianne

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hi dianne no i have not been to oxford for a fibro assesment but it has many departments i went there with my son my son was in churchill but that is for cancer and i have been to the eye department what i can tell you is that oxford hospital is one of the best hospitals in the world people come from other countries to be treated there you will be in good hands that doctors and nurses are so kind .i know its scary but they will help you sending softest hugs let us knowhow it goes .


No to Oxford. Symptoms yes it started out being primarily in left leg but now is in both! To me it's like someone has sent enough electricity through them they are going numb but still very painful! Why do I have this feeling that this is another one of those pains I am going to have to adapt to feeling all the time???

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Thank you for replying it is so frustrating which. I am sure everyone feels. It is stopping me going out on my own now and even the smallest walk is dreadful. Shame we have to live our lives like Thai but we must do what we can on the good days xx


Hi there

No I have never been to Oxford hospital. However, my GP recently referred me to a Fatigue Clinic in my area.

I asked her whether this was the same as the Pain Clinic and she said no it was two different clinics.

Not sure whether this helps?


Lu xx

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Yea think that does help me as I have two appointment as well. I will off course update you xx


Thanks for letting me know. Keep me posted as to how you're doing. I hope you're fully recovered from your operation xx


Hello waterbottle, no never been to that hospital I had my assessment at home. The pain I do know about I suffer in both legs and now my hips. My back is excruciating I could go on and on with the symptoms, but I won't bore you. My life has changed a bit since I got a mobility scooter I love to go out now I can shop and speak to people, I was turning into a recluse because the pain stopped me from going anywhere as I can't walk any where now.

On a good note it's my birthday tomorrow the 13th and I'm going to eat the biggest cream cake I can get!!!!! Yummy.

Chin up I'm sure your appointment will be ok best of luck I will be thinking of you.

Well I'm of to TRY and sleep so good night my fibro friends x


Many happy returns of the day, sweetpea. I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful birthday.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


happy birthday sweetpee enjoy your cake and your birthday xxx


I have never been to Oxford hospital either but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

Al my hopes and dreams for you



Yes I have attended Oxford hospitals...good and bad experiences. Told by Prof Tim Peto in 2006 that there was nothing at all wrong with was all in my mind/Heath anxiety, despite bad upper abdominal pain, overwhelming tiredness, joint and muscle pain, pins and needles and increasing foggy brain.

Was later seen privately by Prof Luqmani who diagnosed fibromyalgia. And since then have been diagnosed with endometriosis, adenomyosis, gall stones, duodenitis, and finally after much research myself with pernicious anaemia. So much for there being nothing wrong with me.

Since the last diagnosis have been having B12 injections and feeling much better generally.

Hope you get on ok at Oxford. There are so good people there, just avoid Prof Tim Peto.


Gosh pleased your getting treatment and feeling better but worried as I don't have a name of whom I seeing on my letter. We reach a point were we will see anyone who might be able to help us lead a normal life.


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