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Update on pain clinic part 2

Morning all, well ive been up since 4 so half a dy gone already lol!

Anyway hd app with pain med nurse yest. She was fab, really understood everything and every drug going, and what we shoud b taking that helps us, plus the correct doeses and balance if meds.

She said my gp bless him out of frustration abd trying to ease my pain, has been throwing a cocktail of meds at me with unbalanced doses, by keep upping them to help.

She reiewed all i was on, said to stop a couple i didnt need as they hd no affect for our condition. Lowered my doses on some others and prescribed 2 others to give me an overall balance! Wld well recomend if u can get app. It is all part of the pain management progromme was u get on it. She said everyone needs to realise this condition is lk having a faulty thermostat in thebrain which is sending and rec mixed signals to the whole of our body which is hard to control.

In a wrd she was great. A good end to a bad wk for me

hugs to all x

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wow that sounds great ,glad it was so good for you ,its nice when one of us has agood appointment with a great out come :) x


That is really good you got your meds sorted out. I had a Rheumatology Appt. yesterday, but they are just leaving me on the medication my G.P prescribed. It really doesn't do much for me, but they don,t want to up my painkillers as I have 4 young children and I need to be alert. They are referring me for Physio so hopefully that may help. I find it really awful as most people don't understand what is wrong and I get tired trying to explain.

Hugs x


Think we should all come see your pain lady sounds brilliant she needs soft hugs xxx


Most medicines dont work for this condition and if you taking any medicine over a period of time and its not helping with the pain then you should stop taking it, thats what i was told at the pain clinic.

If you can try and stay active and do some form of exercise over the week, three times weekly, any gentle exercise, did anyone watch the one show a few weeks ago about keeping yourself busy or listening to music, anything to distract you from the pain. I find if i keep myself busy and keep moving the pain do lessen and your body loosens up.

I dug my garden yesterday and my body was hurting a little but i kept at it, today my body is hurting but it s like having a car we need to take it for mot every year, what we forget is that for a lot of us who dont work , we are not as active as we used to be and as a result we get stiff and a little unfit. I find listening to music while doing housework keeps me distracted from the pain.


Hi Cherie your pain clinic sounds so much better than the one I go to. The doctor changed my Gabapentin to pregablin referred me to the pain psychologist who I see once every 3 months he is really nice and have information on the paintoolkit which you can access on line but I did want the doctor to be a bit more helpful regarding my medication and he had a couldnt care less attitude which upset me.

Take care Sue xx


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