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Has anyone taken Trazodone & Amitriptyline at the same time?

Hi, Been months since I've been on here, long story. Anyway, I've been on Trazodone 100mgs since May 2014 which is great for my depression and no weight gain, in fact I've lost weight & it reduces my appetite. However, it's not good for sleep. Initially it helped me go to sleep but I wasn't staying asleep so I was shattered which led to a lot of pain especially in my neck & shoulders. I've shunned going back on Amitriptyline due to the problems of weight gain I had over 8 yrs or so when using it. However.I miss the good sleep I used to have. Now I rely on sleeping pills but am in pain most of the time. My GP always recommends drugs that cause weight gain or other side effects so I turn them down but I can't carry on like this. Just wondering if anyone has taken or takes Trazodone for depression with good effect, like me but takes a very low dose of Amitriptyline for sleep as well?? Does it help? Thanks NWG.

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hi NWG, I haven't had trazadone. I have tried amitriptyline but, unlike many others who have found it helps them, I had a reaction to it and can't take it.




Me too hamble. I ran a mild fever on it and we (my doc and I) stopped it right away. I take a low dose of trazodone to help me sleep, and it definitely seems to help. Not a fan of the nausea side effect though...


Hi NWG23

I am so sorry to read that you are struggling like this but I am really sorry as I have not taken the medications that you have mentioned. I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I have taken Trazodone and amytriptiline for years also with pail. I took 30 mg amytriptiline and 100 Trazodone..


Hello, I have been on Trazodone and Amitriptyline for at least 10 years now. I take 100 mg Trazodone and 75 mg of Amitriptyline, both I take about an hour before I want to go to bed.

I found taking them both at night helps a little. The Trazodone does help me get to sleep (Most of the time) however I never get a full nights sleep and wake up several times. I honestly can not say when I last had an unbroken nights sleep well over 18 years at least.

Hope that today finds you a little better than yesterday.

Blessings Be

Drew x


Remember to eat something with the Trazodone, it will work much better


Thanks for all your replies (I'm still not getting them in my inbox despite troubleshooting as the site suggests!?) I'd like to think I could take a really low dose of amitriptyline for sleep, eg 10mgs max with the 100mgs of Trazodone but given that I previously ended up on 50mgs for 8 years I doubt it. Just can't bear the thought of gaining weight again after losing so much since coming off it. Nwg

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If you worry about weight gain, you will put your mental heath at risk and it won't be worth it.  


I was taking 25mg of amitriptyline for 30 yrs to control migraines. Having been very ill the past 4 years (well now) I was given 100mg Trazadone as a sleep aid and amitriptyline to 10mg. If I take less than the 100mg of Trazadone and 8 hrs sleep, I wake with terrible headaches. So @ 65 yrs old, I have to be in bed by 9pm to avoid a long groggy morning the next day. I love being up later, but can't or I sleep until 8am and stay groggy until 11am. Nor can I stop amitriptyline or I have short anxiety attacks. It's a vicious cycle, for sure, but avoiding headaches is a priority.


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