Has anyone ever been prescribed Trazodone for depression & anxiety?

I've been waiting since December for a psychotherapy appointment and just got a letter to say I should hear in the next 18 weeks!!! It's just got too much so I've been at the GP this morning all weepy. I can't sleep and now that I'm back working being so tired is stressing me out. I think too much so I've given in to antidepressants and this is whats been prescribed today. The CPN didn't recommend any drugs (mind I wasn't too keen back then) but I need some relief now especially if I have another long wait ahead. Apparently these help with sleep and anxiety and don't have so many problems as other antidepressants but I'd like to hear from anyone whose taken Trazodone just so I know what I'm dealing with. Thanks. Nwg x

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    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

    I must admit that I do not take this medication, as I have Nortryptaline for my Fibro and these are an antidepressant. I really hope that there is a member that is taking this drug so they can give you their experience of them.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x


    Saw this link about Trazodone and thought you may find it useful?


    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks Ken.

  • A few years ago, I lost my husband and was made redundant in the Same week. I was trying to be brave for my family, and stored all emotions away. I started feeling anxious and I went to my doctor and she prescribed Trazodone and was told to give it a few weeks to start working. After taking it for about 2/3 months, I felt ok but didn't feel the Trazodone was working for me. I made the decision to stop taking it. After a few days, I started feeling a bit edgy, told my doctor and she said take the tablet and the feeling went away again. The doctor told me that this medication helps you get through life issues that could mean bereavement, feeling unable to cope with certain things, feeling sad. It helped me cope and when I felt ready, the doctor helped me gently come off the tablet. I didn't feel addictive, and if this is what the doctor has prescribed, then give it a try. I can't say this is a magical tablet that helps everyone, but give it a try. Hope all goes well in you life. X

  • Thanks Freya. Perhaps the GP thinks it will help me until the counselling although I'm not sure about having that at all. Did you have any unpleasant side effects like weight gain or other? x

  • Hi again. I did not have any side effects at all. But remember I can only give my reaction to them. I had no weight gain and I didn't feel groggy or spaced out! It helped me at my time of need. Speak to your doctor if you are uncertain about it. If I ever felt that way again, I would ask the doctor for them. Blessed Be. X

  • Hi,just thought I would let u know, I have been on 350mg a day for a few years. This is actually above the recommended dose, but I was in a bad way and the psychiatrist felt it was best to try(I had attempted suicide). I have not noticed any unwanted side effects, the dose did go up slowly though. It definitely does help with sleep. I also take escitalopram 20mg morning and 20mg diazepam morning as well. I suffer generalised anxiety disorder and depression. I cannot say how much they work as I have no idea what I would b like without them, much too scared to come off them as to be honest I still feel truly dreadful, but that does not mean they won't work brilliantly for you. All the very best in trying them.

    Take good care and all good wishes to u.


  • Sorry to read things are not so good for you hope you find some relief soon. Thanks for your helpful comments re side effects. x.

  • Hi Tracy I am sorry to read that you still feel dreadful, depression is a terrible illness to live with, I too have clinical depression and struggle every day so my thoughts are with you, perhaps you need to talk to doctors to see if you need a change of meds, not nice being in that space! please take care. trish

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