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seen by Rheumatologist to day


hi there,

well seen by rheumatologist to day and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as i have a diagnosis and yes it is fibro. he was brill, he sat and listend to me, he then examined me. afterwards we sat and he explained that he was 99.9% sure that i have fibro he then said that i would alsohave to have blood tests just to rule out anything else but he checked my file and foundout that my gp had already do this so no bloods needed.

he sat with me for a good while explaining what fibro was, what treatment was availiable etc., so he is going to write to my gp and arrange for me to see a physio, a psycologist(OMG) and the appointment for pain clinic so the ball is rolling.

i know this might sound stupid but i am so happy about this as i finally have answers.

kind regards


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Hi Janet

Sad that you have fibro but I am so glad that at last you have a positive diagnosis and it seems as though you have been so lucky with the rheumi who seems to be prepared to make everything happen for you. Fingers crossed that everything combined will help you with your symptoms. Good luckx


HI Janet, I understand your feeling of relief, I had come across an article on fibro when reading about restless leg syndrome and had asked my doctor if it could be what I had, he gave the maybe / maybe not sign.

I was told by a neurologist not long after that I had fibro and that I would have good days and bad days. Good job that I had read up on it because that was it.

The relief though was fantastic. After kicking death where it hurts three times with three unrelated illnesses. This time I did not have some thing that was trying to kill me.

Ok there is no cure but I am not fighting for my life and I have answers to all the weird symptoms that I had been trying to ignore but were secretly worrying me.

Lots of hugs sue.

Hi dobie62

I am so delighted that you have at last got a diagnosis, albeit Fibro! I can genuinely understand your frustration and uncertainty of carrying on without any recognition from not having any diagnosis. I also want to sincerely wish you all the bets of luck with your treatments, physio and counselling.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi Dobie, doesn't sound in the least bit stupid. It is always a relief to get a diagnonis, first it confirms that you were correct, something has definately gone wrong somehow with your body. Secondly, you can work towards improvement once you know what you are dealing with. Your rheumatologist sounds great and is sending you to the right people to help you. The psychologist appt may be for cognitive behavoural therapy, which teaches you how to deal with your illness and the emotions involved in a useful way, all the best to you



Hi. I was diagnosed around 18months ago by rheumatologist. His advice was to go away and look it up on the internet (not useful at all). I spoke to my gp and she just printed a document off the internet for me. It all seemed very dismissing. I recently asked for a referral to a different rheumatologist who seemed to be really good. Did blood tests to check for autoimmune disorders as well as the fibro. At last someone seems to be taking me seriously

Sorry you have this terrible disease but happy you found the answers!!!! Hang in there sweetheart!! xxx Mitzi

dobie62 in reply to mitziblue

hi there,,

thanks for your reply and support. will not let this beat me into submission i will control it not the other way round. the rheumatologist i seen yesterday was great. the best thing was he listendto what i had to say before he started with questions and the examination. it was him that brought up fibro not me so he obviously know about it he went on to explain what they thought was the cause and what i could to to keep myself as well as possiable.


mitziblue in reply to dobie62

That's wonderful sweetheart. Having a compassionate Doctor is a true blessing. I have one also. If it get's to bad go to a pain clinic. It really saved me, and made my life bearable. If I can help answer any questions you might have I'm here for you. xxx Mitzi

dobie62 in reply to mitziblue

Hi there,

thanks for yor reply and your kind offer. it does help when you have someone who is understanding and is willing to let you tell your story and not but in.

waiting for him to contact my gp and hopefully get the ball rolling for my follow up appointment with the pain clinic, physio and psycologist.

thanks for your offer allowing me to ask questions.

kind regards


hi dobie at last you have a diagnosis and you were right you goy a good rheumy who is going to make things happen good luck with your treatments

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