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Still learning about FM

i am relitively newly diagnosed ( last year) with FM and adding that to my osteo arthritis and spondylosis of the lower back and neck i have pain every day. But for the past couple of days i have had my worst FM flare up yet and have been so tired and in pain in so many places at once i now realise how much this is going to affect me and what i do and how i accept it.. Also i have had my first obvious fibro fog. i can laugh about it now but last night i could not get my words straight and could not think of the right words and got very frustrated...

i have lived with OA for nearly 20 years during which time it has got progressively worse but i have always been able to carry on through the pain and not let it get to me but now i feel like a total wreck. it does not help that i have several endocrinology problems on top of everything else..

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oh dearbyou are feeling low at the min but come on you got to smile its easter tommorrow woo woo and hopefully you may get an egg off the easter bunny ? but seriously orry you are feeling down this sis a hrrible illness and with all the other things that come wih it its very hard one to live with isnt it ? weall look ok most of the time but people can always ee the pain we are actually in i dio hope that you have a lovely day tomorrow and you feel bit brighter love to you diddle xx sorry about typing had bout 10 hours sleep in a week due to fibro and i am at end of my tether but cant sleep !!! argghh dam this fibro


I too am still try to find my way round this diagnoses, only found out last yr, I had a broken back, oa, dish in spine, hips are caput,was dx with cfs and now fibro, I just so glad I found this site, its nice to be among the good people on here


Hi loopylayde i totally understand how u feel i too have suffered osteo arthris and cervical spondylosis for 20+ years.

I thought i had a pretty high pain barrier dealing with this and the births of 5 children.Then i became really unwell with pains everywhere and was diagnosed with FM.

Fibro isnt just pain. Yes the pain is intense at times and painkillers can dull that pain but it is the overall effect that is almost harder to overcome.

All i suggest is get your medication right, so you are able to function but not out of touch with whats going on and then do all you can to stay positive.

I took my two youngest (my older kids are now adults) to the circus yesterday afternoon. Lovely!! But have had to rest most of today. Not so lovely!!

I have decided to make the best of my good days and indulge myself when i need to rest.

I am sure anyone on this site will tell u the same. Try and stay positive but dont beat yourself up when u cant.

gentle hugs tiddlyf


Hi Loopyladye, I think fibro is one of the most frustrating illnesses to cope with because of all the different factors that make up the condition. I can mostly cope with the pain but the tiredness and fibrofog is totally beyond my control and hard to understand which is not like most other illnesses. At least when you know that all these symptoms make up fibro you begin to understand how to cope with them a little better. Like when I am tired I know I just have to leave everything and lie down until the tiredness passes and with the fibrofog I have to write everything down so that I dont forget things.

I also find that the more I worry about things and the more anxious I get the more I seem to be bothered by the symptoms. I try and have regular reflexology or some other complimentary therapy and also have some relaxation tapes which I listen to when I am feeling particularly overwhelmed.

Well I hope you feel better tomorrow and as it's easter you get some eggs. Chocolate always cheers me up!!. Take care, Love Angela xx


hi like you im new to fibro also daignosed last year what is spondylosis of the back and neck please. hope your getting some respite today.

mandy xxx


hi all.. thx for all your supportuve comments.. i am feeling better today.. still tired and sore but a bit more positve.. my endo consultant said in a support letter for my ESA that he had never seen any one with so many problems have such a positive outlook.. well i guess it deserted me but it is comeing back slowly and i am accepting that i have to admit more often what i can no longer do....


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