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Fitness buddy/support friend London NW2

Hi everyone..... I hope you are all keeping well or as well as someone with FM

I am looking for anyone that lives in my local area, who has FM and would like to team up to do some gentle exercise.

I have always struggled with my weight because of EDS but since developing FM i have gained 2 stone and I am finding it impossible to lose it.

I lack motivation most days and I think it would be great to team up with someone.

I would be happy to try anything.... gentle walking, yoga gym

Even if your not interested in fitness and live in the local area please make contact. It’s always great to meet new people with FM


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I'm not in London. Well I will be but it's for a week. And it's no where near. Apart from that, hope you find someone.


Thanks fingers crossed I will x

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Where are you?


Willesden Green NW2

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I like Highgate. One day and when I win the lotto.


Why ask if your not interested in meeting


I could but you'll have to wait for a bit 😃

Hope you find someone ☺


Hey, i know this is a incredibly late reply to your post but, i have only just come across it. I live in Dollis Hill so not far from you at all if you wanted to meet up. I have been struggling too with my weight and have found it impossible to lose it so could do with some motivation.


Hiya ....

Yes that would be lovely. Where abouts in Dollis Hill do you live?

I live on Dartmouth road in Willesden Green. We could meet in Gladstone Park.

Unfortunately I don’t think I will be available this weekend. I have three children and it’s my eldest and youngest birthday this weekend. We have a party on Friday and a trip to the farm on Saturday. I’m expecting to be wrecked on Sunday!

Would next Tuesday afternoon be good for you?


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