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Well it started last November and today my whole house was finally finished i have been doing a room at a time or my mum and dad have they have re vamped my whole house i have de cluttered so it is so easy t do now i have got rid of so much stuff and today my daughters bed was the last thing to me and now it is all finished and it looks beautiful like a show house well it would i am the only one here most of the time as my daughter works and all day then comes in grabs food and bath and out this wekend she is away so jus me and the doggy lol

oh well i am gonna start on the garden next gonna ask my dad to ower wash my slabs for me in next few weeks and pain t my 2 x sheds and fences then i am done inside and out it is just a shame i cant re vamp myself and update me lol now thayt would be good ha ha

oh well now had a lovely bath so now gonna sit on sofa love diddle xx

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Ur dad is such a wee treasure Diddle im not on here too long but since joining and reading up on blogs u mention him a lot particularlily in regards to how much practical help and support he givs you. I lost my own wonderful daddi who died at the very young age of 40 when I was just 15 and like your dad he was kind loving and always on hand to offer support advice nd love through practical rather than emotional means. Reading ur blogs im given an insight into how my dad would hav helped me cope with this cursed fibro although unlike ur dad mine was crap at DIY and I would have probably spent loads payin others to come in afterwards and smooth over his botched efforts lol

awwww bless ur wee daddi hes amazing if ya dont mind giv him a well deserved pat on the back & a hug from me just to let him kno hes appriciated. I wish with all my heart I could do the same with mines xxx dixie


aw bless you yes i am lucky my mum is soo good to me too and my sister they all rally round and help me out financially so i am very lucky and i do appreciate it. and do realise i am very lucky

love to you diddle xxx


im in the process of re-decorating! i have no support from family, they think my husband should do it all (hes got brain damage) an im struggling big time!

i also have 2 kiddies to run round after jack whos 7 and lily whos 4!

starting to feel like this is a task thats never gunna have an end


oh dear that is not very nice you wpuld think they ould help you to decorate i jus done my daghters bedroom all n my own my dad said he would do it but i wanted to do it and it nearly killed me and i am still paying for it now and it was 3 weeks ago.. have you asked your family to help? you should ask themfor help and explain why although i should imagine it is obvious why you need some help good luck anyway love diddle xxxxx


@ emadavies you deff seem to be carrying a heavy load like Diddles sayz have u trully expalined the xtent of ur illness nd asked ur family for support? Sometimes we just think they kno and feel rejected when help isnt forthcomming. Diddle your a lucky gurl and its nice that you kno and appriciate that. Like you im blessed with a loving supportive family although my issue wud be accepting that im no longer superwoman and taking the help offeredlol. Reading the posts on here you come to see that not everyone has a loving supportive network around them and thats so sad but people shud realise family is not about blood ties rather a family is made up of an assortment of individuals who are bonded together out of love, mutual respect, similarities, differences, circumstances and shared history. So ineffect ur real 'family' is who you choose it to be. Hugs )))))(((((


that is so true what you say about family love o you diddle xxxx


yes they know all about my illness (altho have been told to show them the spoon theory, which iv just read an about to email it to them)

they have never liked my husband (been married 7 1/2 years) but mum used to come round when hubbie was at work, then he got attacked an left for dead, he nows has brain damage and struggles to do something as simple as tie his laces, he does do a fair bit but like me theres always a limit to how much we can manage!

kids are off school at tho mo, so have been doing a bit of housework where they can to help, but at the same time there young they need to have some fun


people are funny you wouldhave thought that your husbands horrific attack would have been the one thing that shook your mum up and the thing that made her think oh my it is my daughters husband and my grandchildrens father and they were nearly left with out him how devasted wpould they al have been and now he has been left a different person so i am gonna make up for all the awful things/thoughts/feelings i have had in the poast for that man and helpthem all in any way possible ???!!!!t hatswhat she should be doing not shunning you and leaving you out it is awful if pwrhaps you go to your local DIAL they may be able to help you decorate or call citizens advice i am sure in my town they run a scheme wher people come round and tidy your house/garden decorate and stuff so look into it it is free and under the circumstances you may be entitled to quite a bit it is worth ;looking intomyoun

love diddle xxxxx


theyve always said they wanted better for there little girl, but surely the fact i am happy an very much in love be a good thing! been married 7 an half years now, had our ups an down at the begining but that was due to loosing 3 babies!

iv not heard of DIAL, but i will look into it thank you

i have requested support from adult social services but they have a very long waiting list


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