All this week i have been having greek yogurt with a piece of fruit chopped up on it then i get a jar of honey and pour some of that on it lol so maybe that is why i am feeling sticky nothing to do with the humidity lol you should try it it's lovely or if you go into poundland or asda they do a bag of like granola and sprinkle that on it thats nice too and much more healthy than carrot cake too lol

love to you all diddle xxxx

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  • Oh no, i carnt stand honey. & i dont like carrot cake. xx

  • yummy diddle or should I say skiddle diddle lol!

    love honey & yogurt

    got an image of Winnie the Po with his his head stuck in a honey jar! lol mad me chuckle thank you.

    sticky hugs xxx dottiedog

  • i love greek yogurt with honey and nuts xxx

  • mmm never had it with nuts sounds nice will give it a go love diddle xx

  • gonna try that diddle sounds yummy scrumptious you really make my day with what you put on here xxxx gonna call mine Diddles Brekkie lol xx loadsa hugs - mystique xxxx

  • aw glad i make your day bless you love diddle xx

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