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managed to walk to my friends all of 5 mins away and have cuppa/chat and get back dont knmow how i got back but i did i think holding on the wall half way helped lol

it is bad but you have to laugh about it or you will cry i try to use humour to cobver up how i am really feeling it works sometimes but inside iam crying and screaming

. oh well i am now off to have something healthy instead of cake lol i having salad shock horror

well just lettuce/tomato and mayo that is it and then a hot bath and sit down so i hope you all have a good night and i expect i will be up at 4/4.30 am so will see you all then love to you all and happy good friday Diddle

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Well done Diddle, so proud of you! :-) xxx


Know what you mean Diddle, enjoy the salad. Gives you a bit more room for the easter eggs on the weekend x


good on you diddle!!! a little slice of carrot cake for afters?..........yum lol xx


lol have something healthy then something naughty :D hope u have a restfull night Diddle xxx


Bless ya, well done you, good to be out and about,

Diddle totally understand the laughter or cry thing. I am exactly the same, I try to keep my self upbeat. Some days its damn hard. But I want to tackle this head on and take control rather than it control me, if that makes sense.

In my family and among my friends I am the Joker, live wire, the child at heart, always have been. I am no shrinking violet LOL. So now everyone kind of expects this and at times I really do not feel like that fun loving person, its as this person has disappeared. I do put on a front as I don't want my loved ones to worry and I want to be that person again, So I paint that smile on, like you whilst actually screaming inside. Think its my coping mechanism. Good to be able to talk about it though thanks.

Have a good evening, Hope you enjoyed your salad.

Catch up soon

Lou x



As you know diddle I have not been myself lately and went to the docs this evening.Gabapentine is having an adverse affect on me. .

Like you I`m known for my sence of humour and cover up very well usually.

Well it came back when my best friend of 44yrs (we joke we are an old married couple) took me down to the surgery.

We parked the car up the road from the pub,which is before the surgery.I didn`t take my stick as I have torn the muscle in my forearm,and held on to her.

Even doing that I could not walk a straight line,and as we approached the pub

a chap I know was having a ciggie break outside.

"Peeeed again I see Jayne" to which I replied "Yes and it didn`t cost me a penny,unlike you" and veered off towards the surgery via the gutter.

I couldn`t help but start to giggle which started my friend off ,as we carried on our way like two girls on a friday night out well oiled.

It`s because of my very wobbyly walk that I could not walk my little yorkie, as you walk your dog, just up the road and back,and was going stir crazy.As I love to see my nieghbours,one in particular who lost her little yorki just before xmas.

So well done hun.

love and hugs Butterfly xxxx:-)


Thanks for all your comments bless ya i just had the salad i was good :) well that was until mypartner came rounfd and i opened an easter egg jus to try it it was white chocolateand crunchy butterscotch pieces and it was so nice i felt we had to et the whole thing to really judge if we liked it or not

after demolishing it all we came to the conclusion that it was really rather very nice 10/10 love to you diddle x


Well Diddle, I was given a very large piece of chocolate birthday cake yesterday and can you believe I shared it today!!!. I was really impressed with myself lol xx


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