Before & After

Before & After

Had a bit of a trim yesterday! Didn't really want to do it but I've been having problems with both arms lately so its become impossible to brush all the knots out each morning so I've been coming to the realisation that it was coming to this for some time. On Tuesday this week, I didn't look in the mirror until I got back from Uni and I thought "I really hope my hair didn't look like THAT all day!" The crunch came on Wednesday morning, when after struggling to beat hair into submission, I realised that it probably HAD looked that bad the day before!

I couldn't afford to go to hairdressers so rang local hairdressing college and got an appointment for the next day. Was a little nervous about having it cut at the college but they were brilliant and will definitely go there again. Feel a little sorry for Debbie the hairdressing student's poor aching arms though after cutting off all that hair. She was the one who took these photos for me on my camera, don't have any pictures of the front view yet..

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  • Well, the back view looks great! Hope you're pleased with it, and that it takes some of the strain off. I had my hair chopped in a similarly drastic move a while back (before fibro), and I don't regret it. xx

  • I too have given up trying to fight my shoulder length hair and gone for short layered look I really like and much easier on the arms

    Yours looks great for the back

    VG x

  • I hope it also helps the pain in my neck - might even be a bit lighter if I stand on the scales if I'm lucky ;)

    The hair also looks good from the front, just a shame the rest of me spoils it! LOL

  • I've been planning on getting mine lopped too - never thought of the college.

    looks good.

    don't know what'll suit a fat 55yr old.


  • I think I'll be seeing my son over the weekend so I'll be brave and get a photo from the front, just don't look too closely at my chubby face and extra chin... hair looks great though! :)

    I didn't really know exactly what I wanted but one of the lecturers came over and we all discussed what style would be best, I felt I was in safer hands than I would have been at a regular hairdressers.

  • wow,that looks lovely it looks darker and curly now! x

  • Thanks :) I think the colour difference is because I turned the flash off before she took the second photo, it probably looks lighter now because the bottom bit didn't have as many grey hairs as the top bit!

  • Linda it looks lovely and thick, I wouldnt mind getting my long hair cut if if looked like that, I'm often tempted as I wear it in a loose ponytail mostly, I think you get used to having long hair and then hate the thoughts of getting it cut, though I'm sure it would be lighter and easier to handle, my daughter said short hair was awful on me unless straightened as I have naturally wavy hair and she said it was like a bush a lot of the time so at least when its long its not bushy, a well I can dream, girls we should all make a promise to be nice and kind to ourselves about ourselves after all we are always going to be stuck with ourselves, how many times do we tell our friends or family that they look bad, never, so we all should do ourselves the honour to appreciate ourselves, does that sound daft?, well I'm going to work on it anyway. Thats another reason I dont eat meat or too much fatty stuff (still fat though), I just have to think a little bit kindly about my insides, considering all the stuff thats wrong with my insides, needs be must be! xx

  • Having thick hair can be a bit of a problem, I think it had also been affected by my thyroid problems and had become pretty unruly and some days it was so frizzy it looked awful, my hair also has a natural wave and a mind of its own so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it still looks OK after I've washed it and let it dry naturally as I can't use a hair dryer of style my hair properly.

  • Wow I must say the cut looks marvelous well done you, now you just need to get used to styling it your self. Itmust feel very different for you light headed but a lovely swinging bob is beautiful. :)

    When my daughter had her very long hair cut off we had a length of hair that measured aout 16inches so we sent it to the charity that makes real wigs for children suffering from cancer.

    Did you keep yours or not?

    Any way well done:) Enjoy and hopefully less painfull hugs xgins

  • I didn't keep it, I donated it to the college as they teach wig making - I actually started the hairdressing course when I left school but had to give up because of joint problems (course I know why now), wig making had been one of my favourite subjects and one of the few things I could do without hurting. The college assured me the hair will get put to very good use.

    My styling abilities are limited by lack of movement and pain in my arms.

  • Your hair looks great, looks in really good condition too! Very brave to go to the college but it paid off, looks really fab Lindy! :) Hopefully it will be much easier for you to manage too. I have thick hair so I sympathise, takes ages to dry doesn't it.

    Wonderful idea donating your hair too! :)

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