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I am sorry but what is with all this football arghhh i hate it and lucky for me my partner does not like footballeither he prefers rugby so i am lucky i dont hae to watch it but i wouldnt anyway as we dont live togehtrer then after about 3 weeks of footy we got wimbldon and then the olympics how lovely for those of you who love sports but not for me i am sorry i hate it all so tis is the worst summer forme good job i got my kindle and netbook lol love to you all Diddle xx

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hate football but looking forward to the olympics , something to watch as i am resting xx


i agree with you diddle

son has the tv and well into footie, but not so much into wimbledon, luckily i have my computer and ds and films lol.

I only like superbikes no other sport.

hope you have good evening though. xx


hello diddle I agree with you bout football my husband & son are more into rugby thank god you are enjoying your new notebook then take care love beth x


I can't stand all this sport on the TV, all the normal progs being moved around or cancelled .

Rich doesn't like football, but he does like cricket and the F1 . I've now got me own TV in the bedroom ! Not that it's worth putting it on at the moment :(



Me neither lol hubby is watching whilst am on tinternet playing but admit he not a big footy fan to watch he will go without if i want to watch something. guess it just big games.

our daughter is 11 and 12 in october and plays for a football team (no ballerina and make up in her) lol but we travel and hubby is there every single game and training! he just decided wanted to take the team and set up alone as no support at all from our local club.. (long story) boring to non footy lovers (i am not a lover i go for my daughter because it is her hobby and interest) i have not got a clue about who does what position etc hahahha .. i just shout.

I having a little wine and playing whilst i am really suffering alately and so fed up of it .

.. anyway let him watch it i dont have to talk because my mouth is not feeling it so let the fingers do the talking hahah xxxxxxxxxxx ohhhh so what are you doing instead xx


hi i have recordedt hings on the sky plus and i got my kindle my netbook and dvd if i want s i ok it nice your daughters into it though i was the same my daughter had a horse from the age of 3 to 13 but i had nothing to do with it it was her dad and his wife she used to do all the shows etc and i would go watch be there hours jus to see her for 15 mins in the ring but you do ddont you love diddle x


as far as i am concerned there is only one football team as i keep trying to brainwash my boyfriend,there is only LIVERPOOL!!!!


P.S i was miffed that football took presidence over emmerdale for a few nights though!!


Hi diddle, she been into horses too. Short lived. I lived in a village from a teen and looked afte a horse every day loved it, but grew up left home all stopped, my dad had horses too with his ex wife when i was a kid so was around them.

Something i need to win lottery for lol.

Happy Sunday!!! Xxxxxxhuggles


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