Coming off my meds

Hi all, Hope 2016 has started ok for you all. Well I have made a huge decision and that is after 9 years of being on very strong pain relief that does't seem to touch my pain I am coming off all my meds. I went to see the Doctor yesterday and he was with me on my reasoning. I was thinking of this last year but kept putting it off cos of ?? not sure apart from my Head was not in the right place and now it feels like it is. Late last year their was a Panarama programe which was about being ' hooked on painkillers and chronic pain' they had people on that had come off there meds and there pain was no different, I don't know what is helping my pain if anything ?? Plus as you know the side effects from all the strong meds are horrible and vile. I don't really know what the next few months will hold, I am going to do this slowly so as to reduce the withrawal of reducing my meds. I am terrified but until I do this I won't know what is going to help me if anything..the one thing i am looking forward too is a clear head and No side effects from the drugs........So I start this today..... I will give updates as and when I can. Thank you for taking the time to read this xx

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  • Metty,

    I did the same with some of the Medication I was prescribed, with ofcourse, the support and guidence of my GP. I certainly feel and function much better. Everyone of us are different, so what might work for one, may not necessary work for another!!

    I'm pretty sure your GP has explained this to you.

    Pls let us know how you get on?

    Sending warm, soft, positve, vibrent healing hugs on to you :) xxxxx

    P.S Metty can you lock your post before submitting as otherwise the whole internet can read it. Pls select the community button instead of the everyone button :) xxxxxx

  • thank you, i did not realise about locking my post. thank you for advice, will do. I will surely keep you updated, today is the start and i have reduced my bu trans patches to 35. you say you feel and function better and thats really what i want, I want my life back even if still in terrible pain. We will see, I know i might have worse pain than now but i am being positive. returning your soft hugs to you x

  • Do you feel the pain medal caused a problem for tou😃?

  • sorry david2015 I don't understand your question ??

  • Good luck , it's always scary medication, I went to a pain and fatigue clinic last year and relatively new to my medical conditions, I faught the fibro diagnosis tooth and nail till June 2014 and had refused all pain meds other than a steroid injection which made me feel fantastic but it was only the once , i have done my pain and fatigue clinic in August 2014 and was told that pain meds don't work on fibro anyway , and it due to re wiring of brain , however I do have MCTD as well and poss lupus but other than co cocodamol and ibrobufin 10% gel that's all I use , I am on other meds to calm down my immun system and I know they work , but I also know they need to be increased ,

    Good luck be kind to yourself , don't rush , baby steps but I expect you know that !



  • Thank you chris, I hope you are feeling not too bad today, sending soft hugs back to you x

  • What did the pain meds do? How much did you take and what? I would like to do the same thing because sometime I think they may bvcausing the pain

  • The pain meds I am on are Butrans patch 40mg, 225 m Pre gabalin, Oramorph as and when but mainly daily plus on top I take a tablet cos the patches makes my skin itch and then something for constipation ....I still have terrible pain all over and still get flare ups regularly. I have been on other morphine based meds over the years as well but this combination i have been on for about 7 years. I now have my head in the right place and feel that Medication is not the answer to my pain and fatigue, is the fatique anything to do with the meds ?? I think they contribute. x

  • Good Luck and I hope the withdrawal symptoms are not too bad for you.

    I also tried all the pain and fibro meds and found then doing me no good at all So I have not taken anything accept otc lbrufen and a muscle relaxer which also helps with the anxiety.

    For me the pain is just the same as it was when taking pills and spending my days like a zombie.

    I have never thought pills could help my fibro as it is a symptom the bodies reaction to feeling something that is not really taking place. That's when it struck home.If it's not really happening how can the pills make it go away!

    I use ice or heat and get plenty of rest and try to deal with my anxiety as It really does make the muscles tense up an cause more pain. Wishing you all the best.

    love Mo

  • Thank you for your good wishes. My chronic pain started 9 years ago and pills really was all i was given to help and i think in the early days maybe they did help...its so long ago i can't remember, It was only last year that they said it was fybro so anyway I will try this. I love my electric blanket but thank you for the tips. sending soft hugs

  • You are a very brave lady and I wish you all good luck.

    I would like to do the same, but coward I am, I keep making excuses not to. I do need to take some meds for things other than fibro but I sometimes feel no benefit from strong painkillers so question it. I don't think I am addicted, just worried about what will happen with side effects.

    Please post updates even if they are negative, I feel sure some of us here would be open to the idea of reducing or coming off all together and will follow your posts with interest.


  • Hi, This has taken me over a year to make this final decision so please don't call yourself a coward as your just not in the right headspace yet. Thank you for your words and of course I will keep you updated. soft hugs x

  • How very brave of you. I saw the programme you are talking about and it was certainly food for thought, so I can understand why you have made your decision. With your doctors guidance it should be a simpler undertaking than trying it yourself.

    I for one will be very interested to know your progress and outcome. I hope it isn't too traumatic for you 🐸

  • Thank youso much x

  • If the medication is giving you no pain relief then there is no point in taking it👍 Good luck

  • Well wishes to you as you pursue what is in your best interest.

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this and please remember to keep your doctor updated in case you have any withdrawal symptoms.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Metty, I commend you for making the decision to get off of your pain medication.

    Only you know when the time is right. I made the decision myself to get off of the Benzo merry-go-round I was on for 30 years. Doctors may mean well, but after a good length of time and the meds not working anymore, it's time for a change.

    I had my doctor's okay but I did it by myself with no support from family or even the doctor. It took me 2 years, but now I have not had a benzo in "450" days. Metty, I can't tell you how clear my head feels, like I'm becoming the old me. I wish you the best outcome ever in getting off your meds. Good Luck, I'm on your side. xo

  • Thank you so much, I know now is the right time and I am determined to see what is on the other side of the meds

  • Good luck and I hope it works out well for you. Must be scary, and worried about the pain.😄

  • Yes I am terrified I know its my time to see whats on the other side of meds and how much if worse it will be.

  • Well done you. I do know someone else that done the same and she was fine, said she felt no different.

    I must admit I did come off amitriptyline a few years ago but all the more severe sleep probs, muscle spasms etc. Worsened and I had to go back on them but I did manage to reduce the dose and don't go over 60 mg. And I used to take 100 - 150 a day. It's definitely made me feel not so drowsy but still helping the sypmtoms.

    Interested to see how you get on. Good Luck

    Jan x

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