Hello everyone

I know that I haven't been on here for few days. I have not been to good. My left shoulder blade have been hurting a lot and my back. My doctor is trying to fine the right meds for me. I think the one I have now is going to help expect for my shoulder blade. I will be seeing a doctor on that to see what it is. I think my arthritis is acting up because of the rain. Makes it bad when both acts up on me. Will you all take care and God bless.

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  • Sorry to hear about your shoulder and hope you find something to help soon.

    I damaged mine in a car accident which fibro made worse and found that water based physiotherapy help. Gentle hug

  • I think your right the arthritis with the hyper sensitivity of fibro are a potent mix, a beanie bag warmed in the microwave gives some short term relief.

    ( a sock with dry rice in, a home made version)

  • I have tried heat and I can't take any kind ice at all because it draws more pain.

  • I have both too and last year had a terrible bout with my shoulder, had X-ray saw a physio, but the only thing that helped me was a chiropractor who said it was my trapezius ? Muscle, I went to see her a few times and since then, this time last year actually I. Glad to say it hasn't flared up yet, I expect it will rear its ugly head again but I'll be straight on the phone to my chiro 😃. have you tried a chiropractor? Do hope you find relief soon.

  • No, I have not yet but I will be seeing a orthopedic soon and I will see what he says . I trust him because he have done surgery on my fiance ankle and he is still seeing him. I hope he can figure out on what he can do to get read of this pain.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I also genuinely hope that your GP can sort you out with some good medications that work for you. I hope that the pain in your shoulder eases as well, arthritis is so unpleasant at the best of times without it impacting when you have other issues going on with pain.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I'm a believer in massage and also the moist heat like Ian was talking about. I find when I can get a massage, it relieves the shoulder and neck pain I have that is so bad sometimes. It can even help it go away as long as I don't repeat certain actions that make it worse.

    I hope you feel better soon Mary. I know you have to work and it's doubly hard to feel well when that's the case.

    Here's a hug, avoiding those painful areas I hope!

  • Clare, I have tried different things on my left shoulder blade. I even try to use heat even different kinds meds and I can't have Jorge give me massage on it because it hurts so bad that it puts me crying sometimes. For the pain level it gets up to ten or more. But I do know ten is the highest level. Soon be seeing a doctor on my shoulder to fine out for sure on what it is.

    Here is hug for you.

  • I'm sorry Mary. It is hard enough to put up with pain, and for methat is even at the 5 level and it does get worse - my doctor thinks all I should do is aquatherapy and that will take care of that.

    It is certainly harder when you also have to work, unlike I need to do. I have a big house, dogs and cats, my SO, a roommate who is obese with severe COPD (smokes like a chimney) and doesn't/can't pull her weight. So I feel sometimes like I am working a part time job.

    This is not meant to demean your situation. Maybe I just want to whine today as I feel pretty awful and the dogs are bugging me for their walk . . .

    I know that is no comparison when you work and also have a household to manage, but it is unfortunately what many of us FMs have to do while dealing with this disease, often coupled with one more others.

    I hope you will get the help you need and deserve and not have to join the permanently disabled. I'm pulling for you.

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