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I finished the fifty shades triology last week and i really enjoyed them i preferred the 2nd and 3 rd to the 1 st one and although there was a bit tooo much saucy bitds shall we say it was a good story and they have left it sio it could carry on which i hope it does i noticed though there are lots of other books to down load fifty shades of beige / pink etc etc i dont know if anyone else has bought any of thos eones not by the same auther but alot of them mention fifty shades of grey so it is strange so let mre know if you have read any of them and if they are good lots of love and i am now off to walk my doggy and have a cuppa after so will pop back later this evening or in the morning depend on the day luckily we have not got a crystal ball so cant say anything fir sure only that irt will more than likely rain today lol

love diddle x

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i think i must be one the only people not to have read the fifty shades of grey ,i must buy them

:) x


I want a kindle.they look amazing.x


HI diddle, I have been thinking about getting a kindle but i think i would miss the feel and smell of books which i know sounds weird!!!! But some days i do find ot hard to hold and turn pages of my books and i go through at least 1 book a week since ive been off work. Think i read the grey trilogy in 2 weeks!!!!

A really silly question but how do you down load books onto a kindle? Do you need to go through your computer or can you do it straight from the kindle? I have wondered this!!!!!

Take Care

Jo x


Anyone who hasn't got a Kindle, get one if you can! I didn't want one as I love real books, I love the smell, turning the pages, everything about them. Then hubby caught me by surprise and bought me one! He bought me the button one, not the touch screen as my Osteoarthritis makes touch screens a bit difficult! The upshot is that I absolutely love my Kindle! I have downloaded hundreds of books including a preview of 50 Shades Of Grey as I was curious what all the fuss is about and wow I will be downloading the full version!

It's so easy to get books on the Kindle, it's small, portable, light and so relaxing to read from! I thoroughly recommend it! You download books JoJo by selecting Kindle Store on the Kindle, it's very easy and you key in the book you want and then download it. There are hundreds and hundreds of free books and also books to buy. I am not at all techy and I find it really easy!

You would love it JoJo and you wouldn't even miss the smell of books! :) :) Hubby bought mine for £79 and I have downloaded hundreds of pounds worth of free books! :) You can also bookmark the page you have read up to and then go straight back to it next time! :)


Well said Paradise and thank you! :) :)



I bought the Kobo just like the kindle you buy your books download and away you go.

It's great if you suffer pains in your shoulders and upper arms has i do,I bought mine half price in Argos about £40 best thing i have bought in a long time.Anyone thinking of buying one won't regret it :)



Hi Paradise,

No i don't download kindle books,Kobo has it's own site where you can buy and download from your laptop/computer.You can also buy them from the Kobo itself as it is wireless just go to their site whenever you can connect through WiFi.There are 100 free books on it when you buy it.

I love to read and it's so much better than holding heavy books.

Carol :)


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