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My DLA hearing today

I finally got it done - thanks to all Gods!

My solicitor thought I had an argument for high mobility and low care and I got only low care, which honestly I think it's shocking.

They made me wait for ages and when I was leaving, finally, they called me back and made me do the whole walk again (Couldn't believe it)

I just think their decision was made on how my words came out today, any other day they would have understood the situation much better. I am sure because I am sure my solicitor really had an argument - I was actually concerned about care in part because of all mistakes I made when I first filled the form myself.

I'm so glad is over, at least for a while, that I don't even care.

Another thing is that they tell you they put you at ease. The doc in the tribunal didn't put me at ease at all and he drove me crazy with unsensical questions about walking. I know they are changing the whole thing about walking but I am sure they didn't get the picture.

I announce I am starting to have problems with typing, with my finger tips and right arm. It really takes me time to admit these things to myself, but it is now a fact. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to write much (Not that I do anyway...)

Good day for all wonderfull sufferers out there xxxx

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I only get low care dla from things I have heard here and there it seems just by turning up and walking you rule yourself out of mobility which is ludicrous , so sorry at least you have the crumb of comfort in some DLA

Hugs VG x


I use the on-screen keyboard which you click on the letters with the mouse.

cick "start; all programs; accessories; accessibilities; on-screen keyboard.

before you shut down the computer don't click the X click the -, then it will be in the bottom bar ready to select ext tie you need it.



The whole DLA process is stressful, from filling out the dreaded forms to proving you're unable to to do things as well as you used to.... I myself was on lower rate DLA for a while and then they stopped it because when i filled out my renewal form i was able to walk unaided ie without a stick or form of walking aid. I contacted a solicitor and the wrote to them. Luckily they reviewed my paperwork and they reinstated my benefit. I wish they could walk in our shoes to see how hard it is for us FMS suffers....

I totally understand where you're coming from. Don't give up thats what they want us to do! Good luck Smily x


well done!my wife has fibro myalgia really bd too.and are just starting with the process,gp,s are not seem to be getting this agonising condition.


Oh, Gosh, you know where I can find more husbands like you? Your wife's so lucky - you should be proud of yourself, to me you are unique. Take care of both xxx


Gp's know basically nothing only imagine because of what the patient tell them. Now every single thing that happens to her will be due to the fibro and that's it - more painkillers? Those who can find better treatment privately and from many different sources.


For most with FM who have mobility problem I think we tend to fall into the "Virtually unable to walk" category. To get the Higher Rate of Mobility you have to really emphasise that, regardless of the fact that you are already in constant pain, the actual act of walking increases those levels of pain so that it causes you extreme pain or discomfort. You also have to be able to do it safely, repeatedly, reliably and in good time. When you have a fluctuating condition those last few words are important.


I knew that and explained it clearly - including fainting at local tesco and having to be brought back by paramedics, but the doc I got was a "No" before I got in. Definetely a doctor with no experience whatsoever with fibro patients quite obviously and probably one of those who doesn't even believe it.

He asked me if the doctors had not recommended some sort of treatment/programme to exercise to help maybe my chronic fatigue??? I wonder the same thing but who can a doctor ask me? Shouldn't he actually tell me what I could do with the nhs? My gp and specialist have only suggested phisio and acupuncture, which I ahve tried for years now until they wer useless and left me in even more pain. I know he's not there to give me advise, he was there just to make me waste my time and energy obviously. I am sure another doctor with difefrent experience would have listen to my words and make a judgement on them not on their own predujices. Bad luck and very little energy left - I can't believe how I am today - my head is a bomb, so heavy. At least with the low care I got I'll be able to collaborate to my morning care, which was removed due to me not being able to pay some of it.


I only have low care dla but I know of someone who says he gets highest mobility rate and says he has MS but can climb stairs better than me and carry bags of shopping both of which I struggle with .I have two stair rails to help me get upstairs and then it is one leg at time as I cannot bend my left knee. yet I was refused mobility component of dla.probably cos I walk my dogs which I do just for some exercise even though it can be agony.some people can talk their way thru anything to get what tehy want.


So unfair anbuma, I am totally with you. I guess ME is considering more debilitating than fibro - and that's it. Easy for the tribunal to scape criticism to assume is worse with or whitout more reason than that - did I make sense?

Was it like this years ago as well or it's just know with the crisis? Do you know?

Maybe next time you can make it clearer, I have the hope if I am going to continue like this.


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