Pain management don't seem to whant to see me

Hi all, how are you now that the festivities are coming to an end? I hope all is well !!

Anyway let me get to the point, as some of you know, apart from my fibro, I have other very severe health issues that involve different specialists, well I had an urgent referral to pain management made about 3 and a half months ago (this is urgent by the way) by my GP, so they sent me the letter with my code and a number to ring, which I did and waited for my letter to come through with a date, after one month I phoned and said when am I going to get a date? And they said it was difficult cause there are so many people going and not enough staff and that they would get hold of me soon, so I waited another 3 weeks and whent to my GP and she said she would phone and find out what is going on, so I waited again and the beginning of December phoned again and they said to me that there was still no date and not to worry as a letter would come to me with a date, on the 15 I had an appointment with my oncologist and told him about it and he said that he would find out what was happening as he was not at all happy this was going on.

On the 24 of December I get a letter saying that I had not gone to my pain management appointment on the 20 of December nor did I bother to get in contact with them so they have decided not to see me again and they think palliative care would be better for me instead !!!!

So yesterday I whent to see my GP and told her and showed her the letter and she said to me that when she spoke to them, they said to her that I had an appointment made for the 29 of December !!!

So it seems to me that pain management have decided that my case is too complex and complicated for them that they have thrown the ball ontop of someone else's roof so they don't have to deal with my situation, and in the meantime I have to put up with pain, problems getting around and doing just the normal things in life, others take for granted !!!

Anyway I won't carry on as I have given you enough to read for today hahaha and I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve and that next year is better than this one !!!

Gentle hugs to all xx

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  • Poor you they are a pain in the bum [sorry ) Just trying to cheer you up. could you go to the citizens advice and get the to help you write a letter, to them, as when one writes to medical, people have to watch what you say and say the right things. Happy new year to you xx

  • Thanks uggycat you always find a way to bring a smile on my face !! I will have to wait till next week and see what my options are about seeking help from citizens advice or The Lodge in Torbay, they help with these problems and with getting benefits sorted out.

    Anyway have a great night and a very happy new year. xxx

  • same to you xx

  • Talk about being pushed around!!! My husband has phoned our hospital to ask when he could receive his appointment as he had been waiting weeks they said he hadn't turned up for his appointment as per letter sent early December.......What letter???? Eventually she agreed that the letter had never been sent and he now has appointment for 2 weeks time. If I were you I would print off your post to us and take it to your GP as you have stated the events quite clearly....I do hope you get somewhere soon.

    I have been waiting 3/4 months for a Pain Management Appt. I now have the date in February......

    I wish you all the best for next yea......Gentle hugs xx

  • I must say that everyone else I have been seeing about my illnesses have been great, but Pain Management was one of the most important ones I had to see and the only ones that have let me down and even let my GP down by saying to her one date and then sending me a letter of not appearing with a totally different date on it.

    So like I said before, I think my condition is too complex or complicated, they have decided to send me to Paliative care instead, because of my cancer situation and my medication what I take all ready (Fentanyl) among other things.

    Just have to see what happens from now on about it all....

    anyway happy new year and I hope all goes well your end

  • Dear Mandandm-- I am truly sorry the NHS have let you down so badly, personally if your pain is so bad, I would present at A&E, you are not expected to deal with this alone until the beurocrats gets their act together..good luck to you and don't be afraid to demand and make a fuss you have rights to be treated for pain.

  • Hi caz-54 thanks for your message, so far NHS has been very good compared to how Spain has got in the past 2/3 years (I have just come back to the UK after living there for over 27 years) there has got very bad and they are cutting costs on everything even if it means shortening people's lives !!

    So making the choice of coming back to the UK so far has been the best choice I could make, especially as I don't have any family there anymore with both my parents now passed away.

    So really all of the specialists I have been seeing since I came back have been very good and quick, the only one is the Pain Management which was one of the most important ones to be able to see, but like I have said before, they have played both me and my GP with giving her a date and me a letter of not appearing with a different date and stating that it would be better if I went to Paliative Care as my illnesses are so complex instead of seeing them, it shows to me that they didn't whant the challenge or the complication so they have passed me on to someone else so if any mistakes are made, they are not to be blamed.

    Anyway it could be that or a million different things but I know that between my GP and Oncologist, someone will get to see me and hopefully understand both the cancer and fibro pain and be able to do something about it.

    Well I hope you have a good night and a great start to the new year and that the new year brings more peace to our lives and less pain. Happy new year!!! xx

  • I agree with you on Pain clinics I have been waiting since Nov for a place to treat/inject cocxydenia.. I do go to hydrotherapy on Mondays and that helps with fibro pain a lot.

  • HI Mandandm , I'm glad I don't have to deal with that since I'm in the US..... but I do wish you the very best at getting your appt sorted.Also I wish you a very Happy New Year!! Take care. Peck 🐤

  • Hi peck, thank you very much for your encouraging message, I was in the US a year before I was diagnosed with cancer, already dealing with fibro but on a lower level I'm at now, I nearly stayed there to live and work but my road took me a different direction instead. I liked it a lot there and made some friends who I still have contact now.

    This week I will get hold of my oncologist and get him to make some noise as he is at a higher level than my GP and may be able to sort something out or maybe going to paliative care would be better, I don't know at this moment.

    Anyway I hope all goes well for you there and you have a great new year !! Take care xx

  • Take care hun and best of luck with all you have going on with your health. Be blessed. Peck 🐤

  • Hi Mandandm

    I am so truly sorry to read of the nonsense that you have been subjected to my friend. It is akin to he old saying of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing? I agree with caz-54 and present yourself at A&E if things get too much for you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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